Valorant Released – Where to Download

Valorant Release

Riot Games’ most expected game of the year is finally out. Players can download the game as we speak from the Riot Games website. The only thing you need to do is to create an account and download the launcher. After this, in order to play it, you will need to restart our computer since Valorant Anti-cheat Vanguard requires this. The game did not have the best of the first days in the market. Most of the media outlets was praising the game, however, Valorant is not without its problems. Let us take a quick look at these issues in Valorant.

There is huge balance issues between the Agents in the game. Some are extremely easy to learn and use and has powerful abilities. Most of the abilities in the game are situational also. However, besides these issues, maybe the most important was the Valorant connection issues. In some matches the game would send you to another server, for example, you are an NA player and you are getting connected to Asia servers. This issue is very interesting since it moves all the players from your server to there. Another common problem we have seen is the disconnects during the matches. Out of 10 matches on average 3-4 of them are having disconnect issues.

Riot Games was criticized for releasing the game too early by the players. Since the game was in Closed Beta for 6 weeks and some issues were apparent in the game such as the infamous peekers advantage that Riot advertised so much. Riot Games is preparing Valorant for an esports run however only time will tell if this will be a successful esports game. Right now it is the first day of this game and the critiques are being a little bit too harsh on it. Valorant is entering a market filled with fanboys since the player transfers in FPS games happen lesser than other genres.

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