Valorant Ranking System Explained

Valorant Ranking System Explained
  • Valorant will be coming out soon and there’s a lot of information to cover. But one of the main things players are curious about is the Valorant Ranking system.

Valorant is one of the most expected games of this year. Currently, there is an opening in the FPS market. In recent years we have seen Battle Royale games becoming famous and this took players from other FPS titles. However, even though the Battle Royale market has a lot of players, they are losing blood. Players are looking for other games to play. By the looks of it, Valorant is trying to achieve this.

Riot Games is the developer of the game and there are some very promising features coming with the game. Players were wondering whether Valorant will have a Ranking System, right off the bat. The answer is yes.

Valorant will have a ranking system similar to other FPS titles, like Overwatch, CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege, etc. Valorant will use different names and currently there are 7 rankings announced these rankings from bottom to top are, Mercenary, Soldier, Veteran, Hero, Legend, Mythic and Immortal. We do not have the current workings of the Ranking system but we can expect decays happening as players lose matches. Most probably there will be a set of matches before players rank, and Casual games will not affect the Ranking system. It does look like Riot Games is trying to push the game towards the competitive scene right away.

Of course, this will affect the market quite a bit. Because Valorant will effect Overwatch and CS; GO. The game does combine the two elements of these games. It has Agents acting as heroes from Overwatch and the gunplay of CS: GO.

Of course with free-game players are wondering what kind of anti-cheat process will be used in the game. Riot Games stated that they have been working on the Anti-Cheat from the start. This means that the game will not have the problems at the release. Let us hope the game, can live up to the expectations. Valorant closed Beta is starting on April 7.

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