Valorant’s First Official Tournament, Ignition Series, is Coming

Valorant's First Official Tournament Ignition Series is Coming
  • Riot Games started to build the ecosystem for the future of Valorant in esports.

We always know that Riot Games was preparing Valorant for the esports arena. After, Riot Games announcement with Project A everyone was expecting a game that can match CS: GO. Time will tell if they will be successful, the game certainly piqued interest from all over the world. Especially from ex CS: GO pros. These players know that they can play Valorant very well since they were good at CS: GO. The games are not that different except abilities and portals. You can check the top 10 players from here. The mechanics are a combination of Overwatch and CS: GO. Therefore many teams already set up rosters for future tournaments in Valorant and Riot Games announced the first tournament. Ignition Series is coming.

The tournament will be different from the general esports structure. Teams will be able to set their own Invitationals. The first ones are already announced with G2 Invitational on June 19, and Rage Invitational in Japan on the same date. The teams will be able to choose their own sponsors as well. G2 announced their partnership with Red Bull for the tournament. The series will last for roughly 2 months.

This will be the first Valorant tournament available to many teams and organizations. According to the news, there will be over 20 tournaments all around the world. Each with its own structure. Riot Games is trying to make organizations create their teams for Valorant. Most big organizations already started to form their teams and some pros are switching games. Today we heard that one of the best Spanish CS: GO players Mixwell also switched teams to compete in Valorant, and he became the first signing for the G2. More will follow and we are sure Riot Games will set up an official league before the year is out.

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