Valorant Anti-Cheat System “Vanguard” Made Players Unhappy

Valorant Anti-Cheat System Vanguard Made Players Unhappy
  • Valorant is one of the most anticipated games to be released and currently has an anti-cheat system. However, players are furious with Riot Games and here’s why.

FPS games and cheating have a long history for sure. Since the beginning of gaming, we have seen cheats in every game possible. However, when the game becomes competitive and cheating continues, then there is a problem. We have seen cheating in many modern shooter games, from Call of Duty to Apex Legends. Generally speaking, these companies try to write an anti-cheat software or they hire an external company to keep the game clean.

These Softwares generally work, but sometimes if a cheat finds a loophole, it is very hard to contain. People sell cheats in order to earn money. Valorant’s developer Riot Games announced that they will be fighting against cheaters much more than any other game.

Therefore, they have created their anti-cheat system called Vanguard. However, players are unhappy about this, because Vanguard opens with your computer at startup. Players are stating that this is not fair, and it should open with Valorant. The developers reacted to this and stated it is the best way possible to fight with cheaters because it blocks players from tampering with the anti-cheat software. This is a viable way and to be honest, it does not eat a lot of RAM. But if you have Valorant, you will have the Vanguard on your computer regardless if you want it or not.

Also, some players stated that they are afraid that the Vanguard anti-cheat will collect data from their computers. However, the developers stated that this is not an issue since it becomes only active while the game is running. Recently we have seen many games trying to impose harsh punishments for cheaters.

For example, in the League of Legends, some players were banned up to 15 years from the game. Some developers is doing hardware bans for cheaters, however, cheating will continue to be in the games, because this has become an industry on its own.

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