T1 Valorant Showdown Teams and Schedule

T1 Valorant Showdown Teams and Schedule
  • Ignition Series by Riot Games was announced last week. In the series Riot Games partnered with teams one of these teams is T1 and today we will show you everything, you need to know about Valorant T1 Showdown.

Valorant is the hottest game right now. The game got off to a good start, many pro teams and pro players are eyeing the situation and some already started to form or formed their teams. Riot Games was preparing the game for esports and here is their first tournament, Valorant Ignition Series.

The series is NA will be hosted by T1 and Nerd Street Gamers. Let us start with T1 Valorant Showdown participating teams.

Teams in Valorant T1 Showdown

  • T1
  • Team Ninja
  • Cloud 9
  • Sentinels
  • Immortals
  • TSM
  • Cloud9
  • Gen.G
  • Together We are Terrific
  • Spot Up
  • Prospects
  • CLT Phoenix
  • Echo 8

Most teams are a mixture of influencers and pro players currently however, there are some really good teams in the mix, such as T1, Cloud 9, Gen G. and TSM.

What time does the T1 Valorant Showdown Start?

The tournament is in NA the matches will begin at 2 pm PT, 5 pm ET, 10 pm BST, 11 pm CEST on Friday, June 26.

Where to watch T1 Valorant Showdown?

You can watch the games from Twitch on T1 official channel. The casters will be Gondenboy and Ballatw. The tournament will last for 3 days between June 26 and June 28. The prize pool will be $50,000. Four of the 16 teams will come from qualifiers.

This will be an interesting event since Valorant did not have a tournament in NA  yet. Most of the teams are unready for a tournament but Riot Games wants to start things since if they wait until the pandemic is over the game will be several months old at least. The tournament will have some amazing games for sure be sure to check it out this Friday.

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