Fortnite World Cup Runner-Up, Psalm, is Quitting Fortnite for Valorant

Fortnite World Cup Runner-Up, Psalm, is Quitting Fortnite for Valorant
  • Fortnite World Cup Runner-Up “Psalm” announced that he is changing games and getting ready for Valorant.

Fortnite World Cup was one of the biggest esports tournament of last year. Epic Games offered more than thirty million dollars to competitors. One of the highlights of the year was 16-year-old “Bugha” winning the tournament and earning three million dollars. This was a huge moment for Fortnite, and it was their first major tournament that we can count among other major games. However, some people forgot that “Psalm” won second place in that tournament. He was able to secure a lot of consistent points towards the end of the tournament and walked away with $1,800,000. Now Psalm is walking away from Fortnite.

Psalm Moves to Valorant

The shocking news came from Twitter. Psalm announced that he will switch from Fortnite to play Valorant competitively. This is an insane decision and we are talking about a game that does not even have a release date yet. Psalm announced that he wants “to be the most decorated competitor” in the world of esports. This will have an interesting effect on Fortnite as well. As the game is losing one of the best players who was the runner up in a major tournament that was not even a year ago.

This going to change the look of the game for sure.  If Psalm is moving away from Fortnite esports, who else will follow? And will Valorant end up being bigger than Fortnite? We’re expecting more news from Psalm regarding his decision but here’s his official announcement via Twitter:

However, other Fortnite pros are already mentioning about Psalm’s departure from the competitive Fortnite. Valorant looks like that it will stay around for years if it can already pull pros towards their game. Of course, as a new esports game is coming out, more names will be coming into our lives. PUBG had ChocoTaco, Fortnite had Ninja, Apex Legends had Dizzy. Valorant will be an interesting addition to the esports world and by the looks of it, the game will have ranked playlist and a competitive platform from the start.


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