How To Play Valorant Beta

How To Play Valorant Beta
  • The Valorant Closed Beta already started, but players can register to the later stages of the Beta, and Game Life will explain how to do it in the article below.

Valorant is definitely going to be one of the most interesting titles of the year. Currently, the gaming world much like the rest of the world is under lockdown, projects are getting delayed, canceled, etc. Companies are trying to find new ways to engage with their customers, this is where the internet excelled and allowed for gamers to be effected lesser than other industries.

However, even though many games were put on hold, Valorant by Riot Games is going full speed ahead. This was further proven by Valorant‘s Closed Beta announcement. Players will be selected at random alongside famous streamers, etc. Let us check how you can join the Valorant Closed Beta.

Valorant Beta Testing

  • First of all Register for a Riot Games Account
  • Afterward, you will connect your Riot Games Account to your Twitch Account
  • Watch Drops Enabled Streams and expect a notification

However, since this is a closed beta it might be already full. Players will also have access to the Valorant Points. Everything that you spend in the game during the beta will be returned to you once the game is fully released.

Valorant BETA Testing Stage
Source: Riot Games

Riot Games is adding another 20% bonus points for beta attendees as a thank you. This will be an interesting beta, and this move will allow players to see various cosmetic items before the full release of the game. Of course, everything is subject to change before release. Valorant is expected to release around mid-summer and latest late summer according to the developers.

The game will be available only on PC for now, but they left an open door for a possibility of a console release, just like they did with LoL.


**Featured image credit: @BlazeDisDesigns

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