How to Get Valorant Exclusive Twitch Drop?

How to Get Valorant Exclusive Twitch Drop
  • Valorant fans will be able to get an exclusive player card from Twitch Drops, and we show you how to do get it. Find all the details below.

Valorant Developers, Riot Games, used Twitch as the main way to advertise their game. Twitch is the biggest streaming platform in the world, and Valorant is a new upcoming game suitable for streamers. Many streamers switched to streaming Valorant because of this, and we are seeing that even pro players are coming out and taking a shot at Valorant. The closed beta for the game started a month ago, and things are looking pretty good for Valorant and Riot Games. The streams were watched by hundreds of thousands of players and Riot Games used this to give access to them to the Closed Beta. Players can watch the Valorant Streams in order to access the Closed Beta.

However, as it turns out Riot Games wants more publicity from this situation, and players will be able to win in-game awards if they watch the streams, besides the beta keys.

Valorant Exclusive Twitch Drop

Valorant’s Twitter account announced that players who watch streams enough will be able to get a player card available only for them at launch. However, in order to get this Twitch exclusive drop players need to watch Valorant streams for 2 hours minimum. Do not worry if you do not have access to the Closed Beta right now, even if your region is not eligible as you will be able to get your Twitch drop at launch as long as you link your Riot Games account to your Twitch account.

Riot Games is preparing Valorant for the competitive scene as far as we can see. There are rumors of esports tournaments beginning as soon as the game launches also the new game mode is ready to launch.

However, we do not know what kind of league will they choose. Will we see something close to League of Legends or more of a qualification phase like Fortnite? Valorant does have the ability to become an esports game, and we can see that Riot Games polished their game very well for a closed beta. There are very minor bugs related to the game and currently, even though the game is played by hundreds of thousands of players there is no cheating problems.

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