Hiko Retires From CS: GO and Moves To Valorant

Hiko Retires From CS GO and Moves To Valorant
  • Popular Player Hiko retired fro CS: GO and moved to a new game.

There are several moments in every game history, in CS: GO we will never forget Hiko’s Inhumane Reactions video from ESL Cologne 2014. When we are taking a general look over the course of his career Hiko played for 12 different teams across 8 years. That is a very long career for any player and Hiko felt that it was time for him to move to a new chapter. That is where Valorant came into effect. Riot Games recently released their shooter and we do know that there are some similarities between games. Hiko moved to Valorant pro scene by signing and becoming 100 Thieves first-ever captain.

Hiko moving to Valorant is not a shock as many pros are considering moving to the new Riot Games shooter. Recently we heard that Psalm Fortnite World Cup runner up decided to move to Valorant as well. The game is seen as the next esports prodigy even though it is too early to tell. Valorant is very similar to CS: GO in terms of shooting mechanics and maps. However, it is more complex with abilities. We can see that Riot Games tried to keep the abilities as simple as possible for viewers and in the future there will be new Valorant tournaments around the world for sure.

Hiko was one of the iconic names in the industry since he has been around for a very long time now. However, Valorant is a new opportunity and many veterans will flock over there as it is seen as unclaimed territory. Riot games prepared the game for esports without a doubt. This also marks a new era for 100 Thieves as their Valorant team is seen as one of the first teams to be announced. If there will be Valorant League in the future 100 thieves already booked a place with this move.

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