World Record for Quickest KO in Super Smash Bros?

World Record for Quickest KO in Super Smash Bros

Viewers of the Pound 2019 Super Smash Bros. competition saw a possible world record for the quickest KO in Super Smash Bros.

Pound 2019

Pound is a Super Smash Bros. tournament and has been around since 2006. It’s the oldest tournament for the game and many Super Smash Bros. fans consider this event la creme de la crop. The tournament was on hold for 3 years for unknown reason, however, after lots of planning and demand for the event, Pound 2019 was finally brought back this year.

The Events at Pound 2019 consisted of the following:

  • Ultimate Singles [1024 Entrant Cap]
  • Melee Singles [1024 Entrant Cap]
  • Ultimate Teams
  • Melee Teams
  • Squad Strike [256 Entrant Cap]

The event saw all the heavyweights in the space, and it was going to be a weekend of high competition.

World Record for Quickest KO in Super Smash Bros?

The winners semi finals had HungryBox (world #1) vs Mango. Mango, who’s been on a hot winning streak was flying through the tournament, taking out opponents and creating highlight reels. When this bout came, the venue was packed as HungryBox is the worlds number one player in Super Smash Bros. Spectators were looking to see some legendary action between the two pros.

As the match progressed, both players were exchanging some heavy punches, and HungryBox looked like he finally met his match. After HungryBox won the first match, both players took a quick break. As play resumed, the opening match saw an incredible KO.

Mango, who’s a professional player for Cloud9 came out blazing and KO’d Hungrybox in 5 seconds. HungryBox was caught off guard and tried his best to not get KO’d as you can see the frustrated look on his face when he realized what was happening. As he got KO’d, the crowd cheered and awe’d, and the commentators couldn’t believe what they saw. Repeatedly, the commentators kept saying it’s a world record and the quickest KO they’ve ever seen. It would very difficult to fact-check this 5 second KO as one would need to look back at thousands of hours of competitive play. Unless there’s a database for Super Smash Bros. competition, we can only assume it was the quickest at the esports level.

Regardless if this is indeed a world record, it’s still impressive that Mango was able to KO the best Super Smash Bros. player in 5 seconds.

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