HungryBox Wins Overlords of Orlando: Ultimate Edition [Super Smash Bros.]

HungryBox Wins Overlords of Orlando Ultimate Edition Super Smash Bros. esports

HungryBox is the Super Smash Bros Melee Champions at Overlords of Orlando. Even though he beat Gahtzu, he’s never seen a moved like this in his career. Check out the video from the finals.

Overlords of Orlando Ultimate Edition

The Overlords of Orlando: Ultimate Edition is a tournament for Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It was a regional event held in Winter Park, Florida. The tournament was sponsored by Full Sail University, with the event being hosted at their venue.

It was a singles tournament, which featured the three different SSB games; original, melee and ultimate. All eyes were on HungryBox, who’s considered the best Super Smash Bros. player in the world. He had fierce competitors such as Blea Gelo, Gahtzu, and Cagt. There were a total of 12 competitors, and the event was setup to be filled with exciting competition. Viewers of the tournament were lucky to see some high quality SSB action, as well as never-before-seen moves  in the finals.


HungryBox Wins Tournament, but See Incredible Move from Gahtzu

One of the stronger competitors in the tournament was Gahtzu, who made it out of the Losers finals beating Blea Gelo. Facing HungryBox at the end,  the match was quite even. At one moment, he pulled a move no one’s ever seen before. Gahtza was playing with Captain Falcon, while HungryBox went with his signature Jigglypuff. Hungry knocked Gahtzu off the map,and thought that he was finished. But then this happened.

The best player in the world was completely oblivious to the sneak attack from Gahtzu. As Gahtzu kept jumping on the side of the side of the platform, he jumped back up when Hungry wasn’t paying attention and kneed him off the map for the elim. The look on Hungrybox’s face tells the story, and no matter if you’re the best in the world, it’s impossible to have seen everything. No one has ever seen a knee knock someone off from the map for the elimination.

Although that was an incredible move, the match ended with Hungrybox winning the tournament and being crowned once again the King of Super Smash Bros.

Overlords of Orlando Ultimate Edition [Super Smash Bros.] Hungry vs Gahtzu

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