Hungrybox Becomes the Best Super Smash Bros. Melee Player


Hungrybox Becomes the Best Super Smash Bros. Melee Player.

Beyond the Summit hosted the Smash Summit 7 tournament this year which featured 16 of the best Super Smash Bros. There were eight players that were invited to the Smash Summit 7, five which were crowdfunded and three who qualified to be there. At the end of the day it didn’t matter who was invited, or how they came to Smash Summit 7. One player was on a path of determination and that was Hungrybox. Hungrybox beat Leffen in the Grand Finals of the tournament 3 games to 1 to claim the Melee Singles Grand Champion at Smash Summit 7 and become the best Super Smash Bros. Player.

Prior Loses Fueled The Motivation

Prior to the tournament, Hungrybox had losses to Wizzrobe, Zain, aMSa, Leffen and Mango; all who were at the tournament this year. At the Smash Summit 7, Hungry ended up beating them all back to back to reclaim his number 1 position.

It had to be done this way for Hungrybox, as beating everyone back-to-back left no room for arguments or debates. It was a clutch performance which you can see the entire finals and post-interview here:

Final Singles Bracket

So how did things turn out? It all started with the singles bracket which had Hungrybox beating Mango 3 to 1 in the first round while Leffen beat Wizzrobe 3-0.

Leffen had to play Mango (who earlier lost to Hungrybox) to meet up with Hungrybox in the finals.

The game came close as Leffen lost games 4 and 5 after being up by 2. Leffen ended up winning the deciding game and advancing to the Grand Finals of the Smash Summit 7 to face Hungrybox.


Here’s the run down of all the players who participated in Smash Summit 7 and how they got there:

Invited Players

USA Sheik Fox Plup
USA Jigglypuff Hungrybox
USA Marth Sheik Mew2King
USA Falco Mango
Sweden Fox Leffen
USA Marth Zain
USA Captain Falcon Wizzrobe
Japan Yoshi aMSa

Crowdfunded Players

USA Falco DaShizWiz
USA Fox Slox
USA Sheik Swedish Delight
USA Marth Rishi

Qualified Players

USA Ice Climbers Bananas
USA Pikachu Axe

Hungrybox Numbers

With Hungrybox’s solid performance in 2018, he earned #50,000 in prize money through 14 events (career earnings are well over $300,000).

Since Armada retired from the Super Smash Bros. competitions, Hungrybox is king of the castle and really untouchable at this stage. With all of his winnings where does he go with Team Liquid, and what’s in store in 2019?

We know that in order for Hungrybox to remain the best Super Smash Bros. Player in the world, he’ll need to participate heavily in 2019.

Hungrybox Tweet of Champions

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