Georges St-Pierre Plays Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Against Quebec Celebrities

Georges-St-Pierre-Claims-Victory-Against-Quebec-Celebrities-in-Super-Smash-Bros.-Ultimate MTL Esports
Image of GSP courtesy of Le Journal de Montréal

George St-Pierre collaborates with celebrities in Quebec to play the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 

Georges St-Pierre Plays Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Against Quebec Celebrities

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on it’s way out today, we had some celebrities having fun with the game before it’s release date. Quebec’s own George St-Pierre was one of those celebrities who had first dibs on playing the game.

New Esports Organization

Georges St-Pierre is the owner of Montréal Esports and is on every big decision. He’s also hands on with the new Montreal esports team called Grizzlys Esports, where he helps with his knowledge in MMA fighting. In case you didn’t know, George St-Pierre is one of the most successful UFC fighters to ever step into the octagon ring. He has many achievements (check here) which include being the UFC Middleweight / Welterweight Championship.

With all of his achievements in the ring, it only makes sense that George can give his input on how to overcome mental blocks and be in the game. Professional gaming is all about having focus, and your mental game plays a huge part of that. It’s a no-brainer to have someone with that much experience help Grizzlys Esports prepare for tournaments.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Contender?

George St-Pierre has been a fighter his whole Life. Recently he was a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast where he describes a time in school being bullied and how he had to deal with that at a young age. It seems now George is fighting in video games (not figuratively speaking). His competitive side has come out with the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

George and two Quebec celebrities (jfprovencal and 2freres_officiel) had a nice Super Smash Bros. Ultimate battle yesterday. It seems like St-Pierre is back at his old habits and playing not just to have fun, but to win which seems to be the case from Montreal’s Sports Academy Instagram page:

All in Good Spirits

We know now that George St-Pierre playing videos game is one thing, but being good at video games is staying true to his moto, work hard, play hard.

Of course this was all in good faith as everyone, including the Quebec celebrities Jean-François Provençal (Jfprovencal), and Sonny Caouette (2freres_officiel) had a fun time playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as seen on George’s official twitter page:

George says in French, “Hier soir, combat survolté à Super Smash Bros. Ultimate en compagnie de @patricklanglois et @2Freres avant la sortie officielle! Un gros merci à @NintendoCanada pour la superbe soirée!” which means “Yesterday evening, high-powered fight at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the company of @patricklanglois and @ 2Freres before the official release! A big thank you to @NintendoCanada for the great evening!”.

George always had class, even when fighting against the most ruthless opponents in the UFC. And George shows class here thanking everyone for a great evening and fulfilling his duty to not only promote a Nintendo product, but keeping MTL Esports at the fore front of any gaming related news with him.

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