ZooMaa Trolls Crimsix Bot Line. Tells Him He’s Fat

Images owned by FaZe ZooMaa Youtube / Twitch.tv/crimsix

ZooMaa trolls Crimsix ‘s bot line to troll him during one of his live streams on Twitch, and that’s when ZooMaa took the opportunity to mess with Crimsix by asking him one horrible question.

ZooMaa is one of those Call of Duty personalities that you either like or hate. He’s straight forward, to the point, and very opinionated. He’s has a long COD history playing for 7 different teams, which includes the FaZe clan at the moment. FaZe clan just recently finished 13th overall at the CWL Vegas Open where they gained 4500 points from the tournament. Although the 13th place finish was disappointing, just a few months back FaZe clan finished in 3rd place at the CWL Championships with a prize collection of $100,000.

Trolling Crimsix

During one of Crimsix ‘s live stream on Twitch, ZooMaa calls in on the bot line to ask him a question. Crimsix was confused at first when he heard that someone is calling in. He then put two and two together knowing what was coming for him.

Oh myyy…. is this a special guest” – Crimsix

Wait.. where the f*ck am I dude” – ZooMaa

Is this a special guest dude” – Crimsix

Bro I gotta… I got a question for Crimsix” – ZooMaa

Is was at this point that Crimsix knew what was coming and embraced for what ZooMaa was going to ask next.

When are you going to start working out you fat f**k!”

Of course, Zooma and Crimsix have an interesting bromance so everyone knew it was a joke, and Crimsix is seen laughing at the poor attempt of ZooMaa to embarress him during his stream. Both are good friends and perhaps there’s a spot waiting for ZooMaa down the line at OpTic Gaming. But ZooMaa has been with FaZe Clan since 2015 and no rumors have been going around about him leaving, so it’s safe to say he’ll continue to play for FaZe.

It’s hard to believe that once upon a time during the AW days that ZooMaa wasn’t getting much love around, and now it seems he’s on everyone’s “top streamers to watch” list. How can you not like this guy?!

Twitch clip:


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