xQc Saves Himself From Saying The “R” Word On Stream

xQc Saves Himself From Saying The R Word On Stream
  • xQc almost caught himself in a bad situation when he nearly said the “R” word in front of all his viewers. Watch how he gets out of it.

Just Chatting

xQc was recently “Just Chatting” with his viewers on Twitch. For those who don’t know what “Just Chatting” is, it’s a category that streamers select when they simply just want to chat with their viewers instead of playing games. xQc was chatting with his viewers, going through random videos and giving his opinion on them. He then stumbled upon a video called “Do All Disabled People Think The Same“. As the video started, xQc says “this is interesting”. In the video, there were people with disabilities that were sharing their opinion on several topics. A question would be asked and the participants would need to choose if they agree or disagree.

As xQc continued watching, he shared his thoughts with his viewers and asked them what they were thinking. At one point during the video, the topic of dating came up. Participants were asked if they found dating to be difficult, in which all strongly agreed. As each person was discussing their barriers to dating, xQc stopped the video to talk about one of the participants who were holding up a paper fan to cool themselves off. Throughout the video xQc was bringing it up saying he doesn’t understand why the lady was using it. That’s when he stopped the video and gave his thought on the “paper fan”. His argument was that you’re using more energy to swing the paper fan back and forth than it is “cooling” you off, so essentially it’s a useless action. He said, “it’s stupid, stop doing it“. That’s when things almost turned for the worst. As he was going on about it, he almost said the “R” word. Watch what happens.

As he almost said the “R” word, he quickly stopped himself from going further and replaced it with “respectable”. xQc realized that he almost had a slip of the tongue and gestured in relief when he covered himself. Considering that he was watching a video about people with disabilities, he would have found himself in hot water not just with his viewers, but also with Twitch as they have zero tolerance for negative words like that being used on their platform. xQc can consider himself lucky for not saying the “R” word.

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