World of Warcraft Player Mocks Streamers Who Use Their Assets to Get Views

World of Warcraft Player Mocks Streamers Who Use Their Assets to Get Views
  • A popular World of Warcraft player is trying a different strategy to gain views for his channel. While coming up with a solution, he hilariously mocks other streamers who use their assets to gain views.
Who is Esfand?

Esfand is a popular World of Warcraft content creator. He creates content for esports organization Method. Esfand streams only World of Warcraft, which has gained Twitch viewership in the past week after the announcement of WoW Classic. Esfand isn’t one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world, however, he is one of the biggest in the WoW community. Esfand currently has over 150k followers on Twitch, and just over 70k across his other social platforms (YT, IG, TW).

Esfand also does a podcast called “ClassiCast” on YouTube which he and his friends discuss updates and news surrounding WoW.

Need More Viewers?

During a recent World of Warcraft stream, Esfand was reading comments that his viewers were writing in the chat box. He then mentioned to his viewers that he was trying a “different strategy” to gain more viewers on his streams. Here’s his solution.

Esfand stood up and starting flexing his pec muscles in front of the camera. He was suggesting that the camera angle should be adjusted to his chest only and he’ll stream that way.  He continued saying that streaming this way would be a good idea as he thinks he would get more views. Esfand then just, “let me switch to ‘Just Chatting’ real quick”. What he was suggesting is that he would stop playing World of Warcraft and switch to the popular Twitch Category called “Just Chatting” where streamers can talk with their viewers.

However, what Esfand was literally doing was mocking other streamers who use this tactic while playing games to gain more followers. Specifically, he was indirectly saying this is how it’s typically done on Twitch if a streamer wants more viewers; to showcase their assets.

Esfand Showing Pec Muscle for More Twitch Views
Source: Twitch

CinCinBear, another popular Twitch streamer went into the discussion with her viewers, commenting on the whole “Twitch Image” and how some streamers have to look a certain way for their viewers to get engagement. Whether or not both streamers are correct about their assumption, it leaves some room on the table for an open discussion. What we failed to see was an increase in Esfand’s channel when he was showing his pecs.

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