Why Lirik Does Not Use Face Cam?

Streamer Doesn't Show His Face Because of Racism

Popular streamer Lirik explained why he does not use webcam while he is streaming.

The streaming world has every kind of personality in it. When we are taking a look we can see that most streamers prefer to use a face cam. The reason for this is simple it allows them to be more personal with their viewers. However, there are some who do not like to use face com. For example, Dizzy was one of these figures and he did not reveal his face for some time. Lirik is another popular streamer who does not like to use a face cam. Over the years he became more and more popular and his streams are generally chill and calm. Lirik finally explained why he does not use face cam and the reason might surprise you.

According to Lirik he does not use facecam because he is brown and he believes he wouldn’t become this famous in the beginning if he was having a face cam. Lirik stated,

“You know, one of the reasons why I never used a cam, to begin with, or if I did, probably because I am brown, I don’t think I would be as popular as I was when I started out.”

Lirik continued after his explanation and stated:

“Being without a cam kind of helped out, because people don’t just have pre-conceived notions online or whatever. And you know people don’t have filters online, they’ll just judge you straight up.”.

This is a very interesting subject as we know that especially in recent days in US people are protesting against racism and we have an example of this. Lirik stated that after 9/11 he was brought up like that. He believes that people will judge him if he uses a facecam on his Twitch streams. This was never explained by him before and we can see that it was a question among his fans. Of course, there might be other reasons for his choice but he made it this far without having a facecam.

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