Why Did David Dobrik Leave YouTube for Streaming Call of Duty on Twitch

Why Did David Dobrik Leave YouTube for Streaming Call of Duty on Twitch

David Dobrik hasn’t posted a vlog on his YouTube channel since late April, leaving many to wonder what happened and if he would ever upload again. The content creator with over 17.5 million subscribers had been uploading two to 3 videos every week that are four minutes and 20 seconds long for the past four years. Dobrik appeared on Jackass star Steve-O’s podcast Wild Ride! to debate what has been happening within the content creator’s life and why he hasn’t uploaded any videos. He explained that he “hasn’t seen anyone do that quarantine” and has been staying in his house, making it impossible to make content with the standard members of the vlog squad like Jonah, Scotty and Jason Nash. He also said that he received some “serious backlash” when he uploaded his last vlog, where he went outside and saw his friends.

Dobrik made a comparison to Jimmy Fallon’s current setup, noticing that the late-night chat show host are going to be ready to “to recover to his studio, so albeit people do not like this version, he getting to be|are”> are going to be ready to return thereto top-quality production where people are going to notice the difference and say that Jimmy is back.” “If I start posting during this quarantine, by default my content goes to be so watered down simply because it’s getting to be me inside my house,” Dobrik said. ‘I’d rather just quit cold turkey and stop until I’m ready to create the videos i would like to form exactly how i would like , then I’ll start again.”

How Long Will Dobrik Be Away?

For those missing Dobrik and his over-the-top antics, the conversation with Steve-O was worth a lesson. They discussed how they met for the vlog and the way they’re handling quarantine. As two of the foremost popular stunt-driven content creators, Dobrik and Steve-O had tons to speak about. Rumors had been circulating about Dobrik romantically linked to singer Madison Beer. He didn’t mention her within the podcast and denied that the 2 were dating in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in early May.

Just because Dobrik isn’t posting doesn’t suggest the vlog star isn’t busy. On June 5, he are going to be hosting a table read with the voice actors of SpongeBob SquarePants, which can premiere on Nickelodeon. this is not the primary time Dobrik has worked with traditional media, hosting the 2019 Teen Choice Awards on Fox and America’s Most Musical Family on Nickelodeon. While it’d not be a vlog showing the gang hanging out again, it’s something to observe within the meantime.

Twitch Channel Launch

David Dobrik has officially joined Twitch–and, in true Dobrik fashion, he marked the occasion by making a gift of cash to random viewers. The Vine star turned YouTuber (18.2 million subscribers, 100 million views per month) wont to upload around one vlog per week, but has been noticeably absent from his home platform since April, when he posted a video about giving gifts to people suffering from COVID-19. During a June appearance on Jimmy Fallon‘s late-night show, he explained that it simply wasn’t possible to film his usual YouTube content while confined to his house during coronavirus lockdowns.

As for when he might return to the channel, he said he was employing a local bar as a sort of litmus test: once the bar reopens to full capacity, he’ll begin filming again. within the meantime, he has been spending video-making time on his TikTok account, where he’s racked up 21.5 million followers with near-daily comedic videos filmed reception. Dobrik popped abreast of Twitch Aug. 28 with a surprise appearance on Call of Duty: Warzone world champion Parasite’s channel. at some point later, he held his own first stream, during which he told folks he’s looking to broadcast on the platform “a lot more.”

The three-hour inaugural stream featured some startup on Dobrik’s end as he tried to work out settings, then followed him and a few gamer friends through a couple of Warzone matches. They achieved several wins, including their first match, which Dobrik ended with a close-quarters rocket launch. “Thank you such a lot for having me,” he told viewers before shuttering the print. “It was really fun, I had a blast.”

According to analytics tool SullyGnome, Dobrik’s stream peaked at 47,233 concurrent viewers. Over the course of the print, his channel gained 70,994 followers, and is now at 201K total. And, judging by onscreen popups during his broadcast, he also picked up numerous channel subscribers, who pay $4.99 per month for extra content. the very fact that Dobrik has opened channel subs looks like a sign that he plans to stream a minimum of semi-regularly on his new platform. Those who are hungry for more Warzone content might want to stay an eye fixed on Dobrik’s channel. After his stream, Justin Taylor, senior director of digital marketing for Call of Duty developer Activision, tweeted out an invitation to be connected with Dobrik.

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