Who is Belle Delphine?

Who is Belle Delphine Life Story About Cosplay Streamer Lingerie Picture
  • Belle Delphine made headlines when she sold bath water to gamers.  The controversial sale, alongside her NSFW pictures, begs the question, who is Belle Delphine?

Who is Belle Delphine?

Belle Delphine or Belle Kirschner, is a cosplay and lingerie Instagram model. The 19 year old was born in South Africa and currently lives in the UK. She was mostly known for her 4.5 million Instagram followers until Instagram decided to ban her account. She had pictures of NSFW content showing herself in lingerie etc. Although posing in lingerie on Instagram isn’t against the rules, the extent of what is shown can get you banned, which was the case with Belle Delphine’s case.

We have seen some of the most famous Ahegao faces from her. She practically made it famous on IG. On top of this, Belle Delphine has more than 3,000 patrons on her Patreon page and the cheapest tier she has set up is starting at $1 per month. However, people can pledge every month up to $2500 which one YouTuber by the name of WillNE did. He made a video about this that received more than 7 million views. Belle had a soft image when her first video appeared on Youtube, but it just gradually became more and more NSFW or erotica content.


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Most of her content is NSFW in nature, and Belle grew her social channels as she made the switch to pose in cosplay and lingerie. Her facebook page has more than 370,000 followers, and she also has a youtube channel which does not have many videos but has more than 500,000 subs. The most interesting thing is her Snapchat premium account. We know that Snap Chat become popular for NSFW pictures and videos given the mechanics of the app and Belle Delphine uses this channel for one of her tiers.

Gamer Girl Bath Water Incident

A month ago, Belle made headlines around the world. Her controversy involved bathwater. A month ago she had the thought of selling bathwater that she was in for $30 a jar. They were also Limited Edition apparently. The same day she advertised this on Instagram, all her bottles were sold out. This caught the attention of large media outlets as Belle Delphine answered when Metro.co.uk asked her “Why did she sell her bath water?”, she replied, “‘So, there is a joke in the community among gamers where they will comment on a post saying “let me drink your bath water”. ‘And although it’s a joke I just kind of found the idea of turning it into a reality and actually letting people own my bathwater funny.”

She sold the jars of her bathwater extremely fast, and the bottle was labeled; “For all you Thirsty Gamer Boys“. Of course, the news became viral and she became more famous than ever. However, she sold another batch, which sold out faster than the first time. After the sale, there was news going around that people who drank Belle Delphine’s bah water contracted herpes and the news went viral. However, after several days it was reported as a hoax. These videos continued to go on and on as one guy stated that he vaped her bathwater.

More Belle Delphine Controversy

Additionally, controversy continued with Belle Delphine as she stated that if she got more than 1 million likes on one of her IG pictures that she will star at a certain adult website. The video passed a million likes in a day. But the video was titled, “Belle Delphine plays with her …..“, and ended up as her with two stuffed cats plushies she played with in the video. Some fans were apparently heartbroken.

Belle Delphine can be considered as a norm in today’s age we know that people buying and selling weird things of famous people throughout history. We have seen people selling Sir Alex Ferguson’s chewing gum in the past. There are some people around the world that wants these things and the demand is definitely there. Perhaps to these collectors, it brings them closer to the people the admirer, in a very weird way.

What’s Next For Belle Delphine?

Belle Delphine has an active Patreon page with around 3.5k subscribers (or patrons). So this is keeping her quite busy, however, she is most likely working on either getting a new account on Instagram or perhaps clearing things up with her other accounts that were banned. IG has a strict policy in place for inappropriate pictures, and they take immediate action on accounts that violate their terms. Instagram treats everyone the same, whether you have 6000 followers or 6 million followers.

One example of this was with Supreme Patty, one of the biggest IG stars who’s known for his creation of “Shrimp Gang”. He was banned for several weeks after he mistakenly exposed himself on IG live while in Quebec.  IG shut down his page instantly, however, giving him his account back after they deemed it was an accident. Many of these Instagram stars rely entirely on their accounts to generate revenue and if their accounts are down they literally lose all the power.

Belle Delphine Cosplay Streamer Twitch
Belle Delphine Twitter

With Belle Delphine, she will continue doing what she does best; creating cosplays and posing for her patrons. Here’s a description that was taken from Belle’s Patreon page:

“I live in the rainy, windy and sometimes sunny UK with my lovely little family of hamsters which I look after. I love painting, drawing, ice-skating and just being creative and designing things! I really enjoy DDLG and pet play. I would love to own all of my dream outfits, create cosplays and cute and sexy looks to share. So thank you so much for helping me achieve this dream. I’m currently setting up a studio, where I’m going to be creating outfits and cosplays this year.”

Does Belle Delphine Have a Twitch Account?

Many of Belle’s fans have been asking her to start streaming on Twitch she doesn’t have a Twitch account. It would be a good platform for her to gain more followers/subscribers and gain more awareness just from being a streamer. However, she has to be a diehard gamer for that to be able to stream every day. Maybe this is in the works? And maybe she is practicing her gaming skills on games such as Fortnite? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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