Where Will Ninja Stream Next? Possibly YouTube

Where Will Ninja Stream Next Possibly Youtube
  • Infamous streamer “Ninja” might be moving to YouTube. 

The streaming wars between Twitch and Mixer ended with the demolition of Mixer. Microsoft decided to shut the company off with an abrupt decision and they suggested streamers to move to Facebook Gaming. Some of the streamers took this offer but some did not. The biggest question was Ninja and Shroud. Both of these popular streamers moved to Mixer last year. Well, after Mixer shut down, Ninja and Shroud made a lot of money from their contracts. Because they rejected Facebook Gaming’s contract deal they forced Mixer to buy out their contract. Of course, Shroud is still an unknown, however, Ninja might be moving to a new home.

Ninja did a test stream on Youtube, this might mean that he is moving to Youtube. Of course, it is not confirmed yet, but also there are other hints. Ninja’s wife Jessica Blevins posted from her personal Twitter and stated: “You’ve all been patient….this week will be fun.” This means that we will get a possible answer about Ninja’s future. Ninja stated last year that Twitch’s contracts are very controlling and he wants to do other stuff while he is streaming.

Youtube Gaming is the second biggest streaming platform in the market. Of course, Twitch is the biggest one with a huge margin, however, after everything Twitch is not waiting for him with open arms. Of course, there is a possibility of Ninja going back to Twitch where many people expect his return. He even updated his profile page again on Twitch. But if Ninja feels Twitch is offering restrictive contracts he might choose Youtube.  We will see what will happen very soon. Streaming wars will continue since there are many companies entering the field, Chinese platforms are also eyeing the western market especially by creating sub-brands.

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