What’s Going on Between Destiny and Bob7?

What’s Going on Between Destiny and Bob7

Twitch streamers Destiny and Kaceytron are at each other’s’ throats over fellow streamer Bob7. It all began when Bob talked about how Destiny was toxic towards women. Destiny immediately said that allegations are fake and challenged them to get him cancelled.

Bob7’s Side

Bob7 shared multiple videos showing Destiny’s “hatred” towards Destiny and claimed that Destiny was jealous of all the attention that Bob was getting from girls. There were multiple audio recordings and screenshots that were submitted as well to “cement” his claims”.

Bob said in his document that “It became clear that Destiny was highly manipulative and emotionally abusive. It was very problematic for him that I talked about this with Melina, Boze, and eventually Peachachoo, three of his closest friends. These are three people that all considered disengaging with him to an extent because of me talking about his behavior. Destiny HATED me for this. I was in the way of him manipulating these girls.”

The drama has been going on and on with a mess of accusations being hurled by both sides and it eventually got the attention of popular streamer Kaceytron.

Kaceytron Accuses Destiny

In a recent livestream Bob7 shared the document publicly and explained all of his accusations. He talked about how Destiny tricked female streamers into not talking with each other or share experiences which he thinks is highly manipulative. Kacey showed up in the stream and started talking about how all of what Bob7 said is true which fuelled the drama even further.

Once his stream was over, fans were very confused over who to trust and most people took Kaceytron’s side because it was difficult to choose between Destiny and Bob7 as both of them shared their sides to the story while Kacey offered a “neutral” perspective. Kacey released her own document talking about how she was part of the chat between Destiny and other female streamers who discussed the manipulation among other things. She also claims that female streamer Boze was one of the streamers who Destiny had manipulated.

Kaceytron explained in her statement “On the voice call that I had with Boze and Peachachoo, Destiny was also listening in the background with Melina on Boze’s end and chimed in a couple of times as well. I felt it was completely out of Destiny’s place to go public with this information to begin with. The other four girls were never made aware that it would be made public on Destiny’s stream and had to learn on /r/LiveStreamFails.”

Kaceytron talked about how she has tried to stay neutral about all of the drama but she felt the need to come forward with the experience with a neutral point of view. She did not want to discredit anyone and all she wants to go through with her statement is to offer a fair point of view amidst all of the toxic allegations that are being thrown around at the popular streamers.

There is also the angle of Kaceytron being an attention seeker and she puts her nose in people’s business just to stir up drama or get attention according to the community. The streaming community was quick to realize that she is just trying to insert herself in this situation. Destiny did not stand for this for too long and lashed out at Kaceytron and Bob7 himself.

Destiny said in his statement “I want to make things clear because she’s already fucked up super hard. Kaceytron created her document just two days after his stream, which was before Bob7 had even released his own 39-page manifesto. It was also before Boze had made a public statement about anything. While it’s possible that Kaceytron simply started the document in response to Destiny and later reshaped the document to reflect new information.” Destiny said he believes she had been working with Bob7 the entire time.”

Destiny believes that this is completely coordinated between Bob and Kaceytron and the fact that her manifesto came at just an awkward time before Bob7 even published his, just goes on to show how much drama has been stirred up between these streamers working together. All members of the ongoing drama have gone back and forth against each other and it remains to be seen if there will be an end to this going forward.

This is not the first time that Destiny has found himself in drama. In 2020, he lost his Twitch partnership because the platform thought he was encouraging violence against protestors in the United States. He also stood up for Carson “CallMeCarson” King, stating that it wasn’t a big deal if the streamer aged 19 was flirting with underaged girls which brought him a lot of negative attention. And now, he is just sharing his opinion in a situation where he shouldn’t be and has dragged people into this mess that has gone completely out of hand. Stay tuned to find out more about the drama.

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