What Music Does Tfue Listen To On Steam?

What Music Does Tfue Listen To On Steam Playlist Fortnite Twitch
Source: Tfue YouTube

Anyone who watches Tfue regularly will notice he plays a lot of music in between games. But what music does Tfue listen to on stream? We were able to Shazam him right before he took off his music. Here’s Tfue’s playlist.

What Music Does Tfue Listen To On Steam?

Many streamers listen to music when their either playing a game or when they are caught in between games waiting for the next match to surface. Well, one of the most popular streamers in the world, Tfue, listens to a lot of music during his streams. However, Tfue only plays music when his matches are over, and when he’s chatting with someone during a break.

Tfue has a playlist on Spotify which can be found here. However, that’s a little outdated. In a few recent streams, we were able to catch some songs that Tfue listens to. One thing is for sure, Tfue is a huge Jazz and Reggae fan. Almost all of the music he listens to is instrumental street Jazz and Reggae beats. For some reason, it flows very nicely with his stream. Tfue isn’t flamboyant on his channel and has more of a cool and collective style, which is why the two genres fit him so well.

Tfue’s Music List

So how do we know what music Tfue listens too? Well, we could have gone the Spotify route, however, that list is dated. On the other hand, we did it the old fashion way. We were able to Shazam a few streams recently where Tfue was playing songs from his playlist. As mentioned above, Tfue loves his Reggae and Jazz, and if you’re not a fan of neither, give these beats a chance. We promise you’ll give in.

Ghetto Vader 5 Mins of Jazz

BluntOne – Fast Life

Emapea – Timewarp

Mujo – Forest Jazz

Mujo – Graffiti on the Train

What Does Tfue Use For Music?

During a recent stream, someone asked Tfue what does he use for music. He replied back that he uses YouTube for his music, which is essentially the go-to music streaming site on the web.

We’ll update this post with more Tfue songs that we find.

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