What is Tfue’s Biggest Source of Income?

What is Tfue's Biggest Source of Income
  • Turner “Tfue” Tenney recently announced that his biggest source of income is not Twitch.

Fortnite created many celebrities in the streaming world. Due to the sheer popularity of the game, and having over 200 million users, there was bound to be standout streamers who would gain Hollywood-like stardom. Certainly, in 2018 and early 2019, Fortnite was ahead of every major game on the market. During that time, we’ve seen the likes of TimTheTatman, TSM Myth, DrLupo, and many more reach the high ranks of Twitch with huge followings. This is just scratching the surface of some of the biggest streamers in the world.

Fortnite Star – Tfue

However, most gamers know the most popular streaming personality around the world is Ninja. Ninja was the first major streamer and had opened up the way for other streamers. Of course, as Fortnite became more popular, more stars started to enter the arena. One of these names was Tfue. Tfue is a little different. It was his skill that got him on the radar, and the fact that he always had an edge whenever he bumped into Ninja during a Fortnite match. Tfue was also the fastest-growing streamer in 2019, and the most-watched. He was regarded as the best player in the world within the Fortnite community, and really came into his own when he joined FaZe Clan. However, after the Fortnite World Cup, many of his diehard fans were disappointed that he wasn’t able to place at in the top 3 of the major tournament. Nonetheless, Tfue didn’t lose much credit because of it and would continue to grow his following.

How Much Does Tfue Make Playing Fortnite?

As Tfue is one of the best players in the game, and one of the most followed on Twitch, many wonder how much Tfue makes playing Fortnite. The thing is, no one really knows, and streamers aren’t obliged to reveal how much they make like CEOs of publically traded companies. However, Tfue gave his fans a little insight into where his main revenue stream is from.

According to this Washington Post article, Tfue recently announced that his biggest income is not coming from Twitch. This was unexpected as we all know Twitch is a big platform and Tfue is the most followed “active” streamer on there. Generally, if you are a Twitch streamer,  the platform divides the subscription as 50-50. However, if you are a top streamer the divide is 70-30. But according to Tfue, his biggest income source is actually coming from Fortnite. This past year Epic Games announced a new program called, Support-A-Creator. This program allows creators to earn from the in-game purchases if their code is used during this purchase. Streamers can earn $5 for every 10,000 V-Bucks. This is not very much, but according to Tfue, this is his biggest source of income. This means that there must be hundreds of thousands of dollars of purchases going through with Tfue’s creator code.

“To that end, Tfue bought an old, 16,000-square foot warehouse using revenue sharing proceeds from Fortnite, which he said is his biggest source of income.” – Joe Moore of the Washington Post

This program created a much more stable income for Fortnite streamers, which in turn, can stream from their home and make a living.  However when we take a look at the numbers, this can give us a little idea of how much Epic Games earns. In 2018 we learned that Epic Games made over $3 Billion worth of profit. This allowed them to set up Epic Games Store and try to compete with Steam. This revenue must drop down a little bit from Fortnite, however, there is still the Epic Games Store, which means Epic Games is on the way of becoming possibly the biggest gaming company.

Featured Image Source: @Tfue

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