A Look At Valkyrae’s Birthday Party

Valkyrae 100T birthday party
img source: Valkyrae Instagram

Valkyrae turned 27 and many Fortnite streamers flew to LA to attend her party with popular names such as Myth, Cizzorz and KittyPlays.

 Valkyrae’s Profile

Valkyrae is born on Jan 8th and planned and special birthday stream while organizing a “Happy House warming birthday party” the next Friday after her party. She included some amazing guests like Myth, czizzors, Kittyplays, Nadeshot among many other close friends from the Fortnite community.

Rachel Marie Hofsetter, aka Valkyrae, is part of Esport and has been streaming since 2014. She primarily streams Fortnite on twitch but also plays games like Dark Souls III, Blade and Soul and Tom Clancy’s the Division on PC and PS4.

Party Night in Los Angeles

Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, former Optic Call Of duty player and creator of 100thieves Esport team, which Valkyrae is also part, helped her build the guestlist. They look really happy together, of course, in a friendly context. Valkyrae has a bright future in Fortnite community and with her popularity growing rapidily.

Valkyrae looked amazing during her event, wearing a yellow top and a squared skirt, showcasing her long black hair and big smile.



100 Thieves team and Fortnite community

100T or 100 Thieves is an Esports organization founded by Nadeshot. The team is based in Los Angeles and compete in different game such as Fortnite Battle Royale and League of Legends. The big name content creators of the team are Valkyrae, NICKMERCS, Nadeshot and Noahj456.

Many of the Fortnite pros are creating strong bonds with this party being a perfect example of inviting good friends to get together.


Kitty shows love to her friends in the community to let them know how important they are. She is not the only one to show love to her close friends with Myth also tweeting out the same.

The Tsm team and FaZe clan are also based out of Los Angeles.

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