Tyler1 Takes A Dig At xQc On Live Stream By Calling Him “Budget T1”

Tyler1 Takes A Dig At xQc On Live Stream By Calling Him Budget T1
  • Tyler1 and xQc exchange blows with each other. Tyler1 calls xQc a “Budget t1” and tells that xQc stole his viewers on live stream.

Twitch is good hangout place and a learning platform for viewers worldwide. But the most exciting thing about Twitch is the funny things that keep on happening constantly. Streamers firing shots at each other, streamers violating Twitch rules, and other controversies keep happening all the time.

This time two of Twitch’s biggest streamers threw blows at each other, and of course, it was funny as well as entertaining.

Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp known for his ability to make people laugh right off the hook, told insulting things to former Overwatch pro Félix “xQc” Lengyel during his Twitch live stream. The infamous League of Legends streamer called xQc a “budget T1” and very confidently told that if it was not for Tyler1 not streaming a variety of games, xQc would never get the number of viewers he now has.

Tyler1 also said that xQc just plays the games for a very small period of time and then goes back to doing his reaction videos. He meant all of that in a demeaning manner. This was later on seen by xQc, and rather than being the bigger person, he also jumped in the arena. He said some things back to Tyler1.

“[Tyler1] quit variety because he couldn’t handle when the stream didn’t do well,” xQc said. “When the stream wouldn’t do well, and people would complain about the game, he would go, ‘Oh no, sad man… no cam, no mic.’ Because he couldn’t handle the heat, dude. Because variety is a double-edged sword.”

What xQc said makes sense. xQc has been into a variety of streaming for a long time now. Streaming Overwatch, Fortnite, Reaction content and, other things too. It is quite challenging to stream variety these days due to the fact that viewers may not be attracted to the games that are not being shown in the stream at that particular time; if the viewer is not dedicated to the streamer, then the numbers will start dropping. xQc has got sufficient loyal viewers.

Tyler1 has been streaming League of Legends since forever. Just in between, when he got banned from playing and streaming League of Legends, he started doing random stuff on the stream. He is one of the most popular streamers due to his excellent skill set in the game he has dedicated his life to.

These small disagreements keep on happening. It’s all healthy as long as there is no deep resentment lying within.


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