#TwitchOverParty – KEEMSTAR Starts Trend On Twitter To Boycott Twitch

#TwitchOverParty - KEEMSTAR Starts Trend On Twitter To Boycott Twitch
  • Twitch looks to be in deep water with the streaming community after KEEMSTAR points out a double standard in recent news. Here’s everything you need to know about #TwitchOverParty.

Twitch In Trouble

Streamers do all sorts of controversial things while streaming live. Either it’s something they say or something they do. A lot of the times the community can let things fly because after all, we’re all human. However, some things cannot be ignored. A popular streamer by the name of Alinity has made news last month for throwing her cat over her head during a live stream playing Apex Legends. This was an act of animal abuse which made headlines, however, Alinity was never punished for her actions.

Alinity did make an apology to everyone for her actions, however, most were still disgusted that Twitch did not take any actions on her account. Alinity has been known to cause controversy, and she’s the latest streamer to be involved in a big movement against Twitch, all orchestrated by popular social interactions online news provider KEEMSTAR.

KEEMSTAR Points Out Alinity’s Use Of The N-word

During a recent stream, Alinity was caught slipping the n-word in a casual conversation. Regardless of what type of conversation she was having, there should be zero tolerance for using such language. However, Twitch did nothing to Alinity. She did not receive a suspension, and KEEMSTAR was quick to point it out.

KEEMSTAR is making the claim for a double standard, saying that if a man was to do the same thing, that Twitch would suspend or ban the user’s account. KEEM also brought up a similar situation with a streamer named tfblade, who was banned for 1 month for supposedly saying the n-word. Many Twitter users came to attack KEEMSTAR’s public announcement, to which he quickly made sure it wasn’t about saying the “n-word”, but more about treating men and women equally:

It’s not about if she said the Nword or not. It’s about treating men & woman equal on @Twitch. Many male streamers who said words that sounded like the Nword were banned. No questions 30 day banned! So based on how twitch has handled this is the past Alinity should be BANNED!” – KEEM

Ninja Was Recommended Porn on His Twitch Channel

On top of all this controversy, KEEM was quick to also point out that Twitch was recommending Porn on Ninja’s channel; a channel filled with predominantly children. He then suggested that he would sue Twitch for doing such an act.

Porn on Ninja Twitch Channel Live
Source: KEEMSTAR Twitter

At this point, it looks like things are going down south for Twitch, and KEEMSTAR was making sure that he was calling out Twitch about this.


In order to try and make an impact, KEEM started using the hashtag #TwitchOverParty. It was his attempt to bring awareness of what was going on; the unfair treatment of men on Twitch. KEEM was quick to say that he was not attacking female streamers, but trying to make a point against Twitch, and that Twitch needs to be canceled for a double standard.

Many users have replied to KEEMSTAR saying that they have either done so or are going to uninstall/cancel Twitch over this.

Uninstalling Twitch Right Now
KEEM Twitter

Trending in the USA #TwitchOVerParty

When things couldn’t have gotten worse for Twitch, KEEM’s plan to bring awareness to what was going on with Twitch has worked. His #TwitchOverParty made top 5 in the US. The hashtag had got the attention of Twitch CEO Emmett shear who said:

“1/ Our community comes to Twitch looking for live content. To help ensure they find great, live channels we’ve been experimenting with showing recommended content across Twitch, including on streamer’s pages that are offline.

2/ This helps all streamers as it creates new community connections. However, the lewd content that appeared on the @ninja offline channel page grossly violates our terms of service, and we’ve permanently suspended the account in question.

3/ We have also suspended these recommendations while we investigate how this content came to be promoted.

4/ On a more personal note, I apologize want to apologize directly to @ninja that this happened. It wasn’t our intent, but it should not have happened. No excuses.”

This didn’t settle well for KEEMSTAR who called out the CEO for lying to the community, and streamers around the world.

Currently, the hashtag TwitchOverParty is #4 on the trending list in the USA. The battle continues between Twitch VS KEEMSTAR, and so far it looks like Team KEEM is ahead. We’ll continue updating this page as the story progresses.

Stay tuned..

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