Twitch User Trolls Pokimane. “Big Butt Like You”

Twitch User Trolls Pokimane. Big Butt Like You
Image source: Pokimane Twitch

During one of Pokimane’s recent Twitch streams, one user trolled her asking what kind of pants would she suggest to his girlfriend. Watch how the user orchestrates his comment to get aired.

Twitch User Trolls Pokimane. “Big Butt Like You”

Pokimane has been streaming a lot of Grand Theft Auto V recently. During her recent stream, she took a little break to attend to her viewers like she normally does. Reading the chatbox she would answer questions one by one, as well as thanking new followers and mentioning her donors.

Typically when a Twitch user makes a donation to their favorite streamer, they have the option of adding a comment to their donation. Some users take the opportunity to ask silly questions, or simply troll the streamer, as was the case with Pokimane.

Twitch Text-To-Speech

Twitch has an option in their settings to enable “text-to-speech” for donation comments Essentially when someone makes a donation and adds a comment, the text-to-speech function will kick in, and a robotic voice will attempt to read the comment. The issue with this is that sometimes, strange comments like the one asked to Pokimane gets through.

Initially, Pokimane’s reaction was that she found the comment funny, because the donor said his girlfriend has a “big butt like you“. As Pokimane almost chocked on her drink, she then started answering the users question, showing off her leggings and saying, “Get her these. There the ones with the stuffings on the side. These are really comfy.”

Pokimane then realized as she was answering the question that she’s not able to tell if the user was “meme-ing” just so that the user can say she has a big butt. This type of comment would most likely get the user banned if he said it in the chat room. So it’s quite obviously the Twitch user was trolling Pokimane just so he can say she has a big butt. If Pokimane’s awkward argument on Grand Theft Auto 5 wasn’t funny enough, this one might top it.

Pokimane Gets Trolled by Twitch User on her Stream
Image source: Pokimane Twitch

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