Twitch Realizes Their Mistake And Unbans Fortnite Streamer Clix

Twitch Realizes Their Mistake And Unbans Fortnite Streamer Clix
  • Clix gets unbanned. Luckily, Twitch realized their mistake and took appropriate steps to unban him.

Twitch has been setting the standard for inconsistency too high lately. Bans without reason or solidarity is a habit that Twitch can’t possibly leave. Cody “Clix” Conrod got banned for a silly reason such as playing with a banned player earlier this week. Twitch needs to really step up their moderation with these bans.

Clix, the Fortnite streamer, was banned for playing with Zayn, another Fortnite player who is permanently suspended from Twitch. The young streamer was in accordance with the Twitch guidelines. Choosing to play with a banned streamer is not a violation according to the instructions as long as the banned party is muted throughout. Clix did the same, he had Zayn muted, and he even went to the extent to make sure Zayn uses an alias to just make the scenario more comfortable.

Khanada did the same thing with the same player. But regardless of doing the same, he received a 3-day ban only, while Clix got banned for seven days.

Clix tweeted about the same biasedness, but it didn’t get responded by Twitch. Fortunately for Clix, Twitch realized the mess they made and unbanned four days before the stipulated date, thus revising their previous punishment.

Removal of the ban lit up Clix’s face. He told he is going to be back to streaming almost instantly on Twitter. After starting the stream, he told, “Chat, you don’t understand how bored I was… you wanna know what I did? I just worked out every single day. I didn’t even touch Fortnite. I was so pissed that I got banned.”

Patience is required in these times, I mean for Zayn impatience turned out to be a curse. He used a duplicate account to stream while his main account was banned. He received a permanent ban due to his actions.

Clix can now get back to the usual schedule, streaming and having fun. It has not been the best of times for him. Recently, he became a victim of swatting. It’s a prank that is wrong and dangerous on so many levels. During the stream, he was compelled to shut the broadcast to comply with the police who came to his home. A few lives have been lost to Swatting, and it is in no sense a joke.

Hopefully, Twitch reduces the frequent mistakes they are committing. It is not fun for any streamer to get banned without any substantial fault.


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