Twitch Streamer Takes Selfie. Notices Something.

Esports BigTymeR Call of Duty Black Ops 4 OpTic Gaming Will Johnson

BigTymer was streaming Black Ops 4 like he normally does, showing the younger generation on how to run and gun through Call of Duty. During one moment of his Twitch stream, he was asked to take a selfie for someone. While he was getting ready to take a selfie of himself, he noticed something off.

Who is BigTymer?

BigTymer, aka Will Johnson is a Call of Duty Twitch streamer. He played for OpTic Gaming while back and finished his pro gaming career there.  In his time, Will was one of the very best in Call of Duty. Some of his Black Ops 1 highlights were breath taking. It’s really hard to compare him today’s top Call of duty players like OpTic Karma, OpTic Scump, or OpTic Crimsix because they came in a completely different era. Will Johnson is like Bill Russell, one of the basketballs greats. He was insane for his time and dominated the early stages of the game. However, as time moved on,talent has improved and things have become generally more competitive.

Esports BigTymeR Call of Duty Black Ops 4 OpTic Gaming Will Johnson Twitch

As players like Scump and Crimsix started to become more relevant, BigTymer wasn’t mentioned as much. Everybody remembers Scump’s 3 piece against coL at BO2 champs to win the series. What people don’t remember is before that play, BigTymer had 12 kills and Scump had 2. BigTymer made big plays when it counted, which is what Scump is doing now with OpTic Gaming.

Essentially, BigTymer is considered a top 10 Call of Duty player due to his contributions to the game and has now turned to streaming Call of Duty on Twitch. He has 127,000+ subscribers and continues to grow his stream.

Taking a Selfie in-stream

We’ve seen some weird thingas during live streams, such as RiceGum receiving dating advice from Instagram Model, or Girl2Clutch liking the combo os ribs and Lasagna. Or how about the time Kat Gunn flipped her finger at a viewer?

In one of BigTymer’s recent streams, he just finished playing a round of Black Ops 4 when he decided to take a selfie after reading something on his phone.

While his viewers were watching, he said, “I’m taking a selfie” and lifted the phone in front of him. After taking the picture Will quickly looked at the photo to see how he looked. He took a pause and then said,

“Are my teeth yellow?”

Viewers in the chat room started replying back with “lmao” as Will can be seen smiling on screen. He then quickly said, “No their pretty white” which must have been a sign of relief when he put the phone down. He then confirmed that he brushes his teeth, which of course would be a good way to keep your teeth white. Will then put back his earphones and prepared for the next match.

It’s great to get a human element in the picture when you’re seeing your favorite streamer. The topic or joke doesn’t always has to be around a game or the environment, and it’s always fun to see popular streamers make fun of themselves in a fun way.

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