Twitch Streamer Neekolul Alleges She Was Abused For Seven Years


Sharing her story in a document uploaded to Twitter, Sanchez, 23, wrote about the ’emotional, mental, and physical abuse’ she had suffered at the hands of a long-term partner, saying the abuse dated back to when she was 15 years old. Sanchez claimed her former partner had held her at knifepoint, assaulted her on numerous occasions, and had taken ‘advantage of [her] financially.’

Sanchez alleged the abuse included ’emotional, mental and physical abuse’, which grew worse as time went on:

He started out by accusing me of cheating for simply wearing a skirt or speaking to a male classmate – he used this as an excuse to hurt me, which at first started out as pushing, shoving, and twisting/pinching sensitive areas of my body.

You can go straight to the Google document link here.

What Neekolul Claims

From the ages of 15-18 the abuse escalated as time went on: slapping, choking, slamming me, threatening my life at knifepoint, threatening his life, threatening to hurt both of us (ex. Driving violently in the car threatening to crash it), gaslighting, taking my belongings and breaking them (phones, things of sentimental value etc), and public humiliation (ex. trying to make me look crazy or dumb to other people to isolate me), and so much more.

I don’t know what other things you classify as abuse but this is also around the time that he started to take advantage of me financially which only escalated as I grew into adulthood. Sanchez alleged that they were ‘breaking up and getting back together every other week’, and that her ex partner would ‘strategically hit [her]’ behind the head ‘to avoid bruises’.

She added: ‘Some hits would slip so I would get a small bruise on my cheek or arms.’ Addressing those who might be asking why she didn’t tell anyone, Sanchez explained that she had tried, but had found this hard as a ‘scared teenager’ who ‘felt a weird need to protect him.’

Sanchez revealed she had told her ex partner’s mother what was going on after he broke her glasses in anger, but she had apparently insinuated she was lying. She had even tried to tell the police, claiming to have provided ‘picture proof and text messages’:

The officer’s words still ring in my head that “you are too young to be going through this, you should rethink if you want to do this”. I responded that I still wanted to press charges and he still tried talking me out of it, saying something along the lines of “Are you sure? Really think about it” as a scared teenager I thought he must know better and I didn’t pursue it further.

Last year, an article resurfaced online which stated that in 2018, Sanchez had assaulted her then partner and had been arrested. This article also claimed that Sanchez had been sentenced to six months of anger management following this arrest. In a statement given to Jake Lucky of YouTube channel Esports Talk last summer, Sanchez denied having been sent to prison, stating that she only had to take 12 anger management classes in the aftermath of the incident.

Sanchez also claimed that she had hit her former partner ‘as a reaction to what was happening’, stating, ‘I knew it was escalating to where he was going to hit me and I was genuinely angry and hating him for the way he treated me’. Sanchez said she was forced to take anger management classes after her abuser claimed they were the victim. She was also arrested by police after one specific incident.

“After all these years of receiving abuse, I’m the one who ends up getting in trouble. “The judge took into consideration my situation, everything I had been through, and saw I wasn’t a dangerous person. He even removed the automatically applied restraining order…which I think shows people recognized I wasn’t the one causing problems.”

She opened up now as part of her “healing process,” and to encourage other victims of abuse to speak up. The streamer has received an outpouring of support from friends and fans on Twitter. “I felt like I needed to talk about my experience as a victim of abuse in hopes that abuse is taken more seriously,” Neekolul said.

“Not speaking out about my story, seeing how times I fell silent, dug me into a deeper cycle of mental pain, and at the end of the day I deserve to live in peace and I won’t let anyone invalidate me ever again.” Behind closed doors though, Sanchez was trying to escape an abusive relationship while dealing with the pressures of internet stardom. The 23-year-old has opened up on the “emotional, mental, and physical abuse” she received from a long-term partner, dating back to when she was 15. Details included her partner holding her at knifepoint, assaulting her numerous times, and “taking advantage of [her] financially.”

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