Twitch Ninja Fight Escalated To New Level. Ninja Responds on Twitter.

Twitch Ninja Fight Escalated To New Level. Ninja Responds on Twitter.
  • Twitch just upped the scale and Ninja responded. Find out about the Twitch and Ninja fight due to porn showing on Ninja’s Twitch channel.

Ninja VS Twitch

When Ninja left Twitch, his go-to streaming channel of 8 years to stream on Mixer, the entire gaming community was shocked. It sent shockwaves across the world because Twitch and Ninja were like a happily married couple. But the marriage ended, and Ninja has moved on. Mixer was a very weird choice, although, Ninja is definitely getting a better deal than Twitch. Mixer was not well known, and there have been instances where Mixer tried to have a cross-over (example with Apex Legends partnering with Mixer). In the last year, statistics showed that Mixer had only 8& market share while Twitch had 75%. However, Ninja was the first big-name moving from Twitch. As we all know, these things happen, however, when Ninja did this transition it became a whole other level. After all, he was the most well-known streamer on Twitch.

So Twitch responded at first by showing other streamers streams on Ninja’s channel and writing “The streamer you are looking for is in another castle. Check out these popular live channels“. Of course, this was a very interesting move. Because even if a streamer is offline they do not put a banner like that, but they did it only for Ninja. Although Ninja did not respond to this he responded to what came next.

Porn on Ninja’s Twitch Channel

Porn on Ninja Twitch Channel Live

As we have mentioned, Twitch was promoting other channels via Ninja’s name. However, yesterday we have seen a porn account making a live stream and it was recommended on Ninja’s channel. The community was outraged by this. Not only is Ninja a very big name, his name also carries some weight as there are children looking for Ninja on his channel. This was an outrageous move and Ninja retaliated shortly afterward with a video.

In this video, we can see that Ninja apologizes for this move by Twitch. He apologizes on behalf of Twitch which is an amazing gesture. We can see that he is also distressed and not enjoying at all that Twitch is making a move on him like this. They are making Ninja’s brand sponsorship for other channels which is a low blow for someone who brought millions of views to the platform.

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