Troll Gets Annihilated by Dr Disrespect In Unforgiving Lashing

Troll Gets Annihilated by Dr Disrespect In Unforgiving Lashing

The Doc has a message for you. If you have the courage to insult while he’s streaming live, then you’ll need to take the rain of insults that will be coming your way. 

Dr Disrespect Annihilates Troll

In a recent stream, Dr Disrespect just finished a match of PUBG and was taking a break to go over his callouts on Twitch. He was thanking fans who were donating to him as well as reading their comments. The way it works with Twitch is when viewers make a donation to a streamer, they can also attach a comment or question so that the streamer can read it. The Doc typically does this when he takes his breaks, and takes the time to go through everyone’s donations and comments.

The Doc receives many silly comments, such as the time one donator asked Doc to say hello in Dolphin. He also receives serious questions asking for dating advice. However, there are times that the Doc receives comments that he just doesn’t read due to the nature of what’s being said. This time, one viewer crossed the lines.

“4’2 Nothing 9 Year Old Kid”

The Doc was going over his donations list when he got to one comment that he didn’t like. He read out, “Does Doc think he is cool? Let’s see what else he said in this chat. Full boosted pops and energy laughing out loud. Not impressed, no double digits.” Here is how it started.

It seems that this irritated the Doc as he said, “Alright man, like I see you don’t bring anything to this channel.” This is when things started to get heated as the Doc sat back in his chair and looked right into the camera to unleash a tirade of insults.

“Get your little ugly-looking, lose gut out of here. Go play on your little Nintendo 64. Go grab your little Game Boy. Your little Virtual Boy. Go in there and put the little red goggles on go ‘wow this is real cool’ right. Like get the hell out, get out of my channel. You’re not a champions club member. You’re an out of shape 4 foot 2 nothing nine-year-old kid who wants to be the best in Fortnite, and that is a pathetic dream of yours.”

Doc Gets a Phone Call

The lashing didn’t end there. Dr Disrespct forgot the name of the troll as he wanted to continue insulting him.

The Doc then made it seem like someone was calling him as he was trying to figure out the name of the troll who left the bad comments in the chat box. He picks up the phone and says “Hello?“, then continues a little skit as if someone was calling to give him the name of the troll. “Oh his name was trash can“.

Dr Disrespect then said, “And I ripped the $5 dollars out of your skinny-a** hands, you know what I mean?”. So the troll made a $5 donation to the Dr and must have said something in there that really angered Dr Disrespect. Although the Doc looked like he was bothered by the comment, he continued his stream as usual, moving on with a smile on his face and continuing having fun.

If there’s anything to be learnt by this, it’s not to say mean things to streamers or you’ll get called out for it.

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