Top 5 Most Popular CS:GO Streamers

Top 5 Most Popular CSGO Streamers
  • In this article, you can read about Top 5 most popular CS:GO streamers according to All of these streamers are either ex-esports players or currently with an organization.

5. JASONR [762k+]

Just like all other streamers on this list, Jason “jasonR” Ruchelski used to be a pro CS:GO player at a certain point in his career. He played for SYNGRY Gaming, AffNity, 3sUP Enterprises, DOGMEN, Splyce, and OpTic Gaming, but never managed to play this game at highest level, although he did participate at Major in Columbus, which is a great achievement.

JASONR Facebook Profile Picture CSGO

JasonR mostly plays CS:GO, but he also plays other popular games as well. On his channel, you can watch games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and PUBG. On top of that, he streams regularly, every day. In the last month, he missed his daily schedule only once.

4. m0e_tv [833k+]

Mohamad “m0E” Assad is the coach of Old Guys Club and one of Top 5 most popular CS:GO streamers. Just like jasonR, m0e used to play for many teams in his career but never reached the highest level. However, back in Counter-Strike: Source days, he saw a lot of success as he won Championship Gaming Invitational 2007 and played the Grand Final of CGS 2008 World Championship. In CS:GO, m0e didn’t have much success. He never played at the Major and the only LAN event he won was a relatively small tournament, Fragadelphia 6.

Nevertheless, m0e has so much success as a streamer. His “loud temperament” and personality helped him a lot to reach such a big number of followers, which puts him in fourth place on the list of Top 5 most popular CS:GO streamers. M0e is also known for his toxic relationship with Liquid’s player, Stewie2k.

@D_lo12 M0E_tv

M0e doesn’t have a strict schedule, but he streams relatively frequently. In the last 10 days, he was streaming 7 times. On his channel, you can watch almost exclusively CS:GO, but he occasionally plays some other games such as Apex Legends.

3. ScreaM [915k+]

Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom is the first of Top 5 most popular CS:GO streamers that is still an active player. For CS:GO pro players, Twitch is a perfect way to make some extra money as they have to play a ton of CS:GO anyway. So, why not make all that practice even more profitable? Some would argue that you can’t be 100% focused on your practice if you are streaming, which is true to some degree.

Apparently, you can’t just ignore chat and only focus on your game. However, the counter-argument is that the best player in the world, s1mple, is known as someone who streams so much. Obviously, it didn’t make him a worse player.


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Speaking of ScreaM, although he is very high on this list, he is not as active as the previous two streamers are. Moreover, in the last month, he was only streaming once. But, nevertheless, if you follow him, it can help you a lot.

ScreaM had huge success throughout his career, especially at the beginning as part of VeryGames. He won many titles and recorded many great results. On top of that, he made it to HLTV Top 20 twice. So, there is no doubt he is one of the best players among the most popular CS:GO streamers.

2. S1mple [1,600,000]

Unfortunately, Twitch has banned s1mple’s channel recently due to inappropriate comments. Namely, s1mple made a homophobic comment in Russian, so he received a 7-days ban. Some Russian native speakers argue that Twitch was too harsh to s1mple. They also mention double standards as some other streamers have done even worse things but didn’t get any kind of ban. However, that’s completely another topic.

s1mple hltv profile picture

We don’t need to talk a lot about s1mple as a player as he is one of the best players that ever played this game. He won so many titles with NaVi, but he still misses the most important one, the Major even though he played the Grand Final two times.

As said, s1mple is streaming relatively regularly, especially when there are no LAN tournaments going on. But, even when NaVi is attending certain LAN event, don’t be surprised if you see s1mple streaming the night before the match. He has absolutely no problems with doing that. Of course, English is not the only language you will hear on s1mple’s channel, but it’s the most dominant one.

Watching s1mple streaming is a great insight into the mind of the best CS:GO player of 2018 and one of Top 5 most popular CS:GO streamers.

1. PashaBiceps [1,200,00]

Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski is the only CS:GO streamer that has more than 1 million followers, excluding ESL_CSGO and DreamHackCS, which are organization Twitch channels. Surely, pashaBiceps’ English is not the greatest, and he speaks his native language, Polish, a lot, but it’s not a real reason to not watch one of the biggest Counter-Strike legends.


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Not only that pashaBiceps has so rich career that started in CS 1.6. days, but he has a great personality. Everyone would agree that pashaBiceps is a very kind person with a big heart. Moreover, he doesn’t hesitate to show his emotions as we cleary could see tears in his eyes when he was carrying Major trophy to the stage on his home soil in Katowice.

PashaBiceps maybe doesn’t stream every day, but he does it quite regularly. In last month, he made 11 stream videos.

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