Want More Tinder Matches? MrTLexify Shares Secret.

Esports Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Want More Tinder Matches MrTLexify Shares Secret.

MrTLexify was streaming Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout and started talking about the popular dating app Tinder. He continues to talk about a situation where he helped his friend land a Tinder match due to some advice MrTLexify has given.

Who is MrTLexify

MrTLexify, also known as Lex is a professional streamer from Canada. He’s a Call of Duty enthusiast and many uploads video of Call of Duty games. He’s been uploading and creating videos since 2013, and to this point has close to 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube alone.  His YouTube videos predominantly have clips of Black Ops 4 Zombies; showing highlight reels from his gameplay. He’s also building his Twitch stream slowly where you can catch him streaming Blackout for most of the time.

Both his Twitch and Twitter accounts each have 200,000+ followers which is an impressive amount by no means. He’s quite active on all his social media accounts so you can catch him with some updates regularly.

MrTLexify Gives Tinder Advice

During one of Lex’s Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout streams he was roaming around the map and started talking about his buddy who recently got hooked up with someone on Tinder which Lex believes is because of a line he told his friend to use in his Tinder app profile.

Lex starts spilling out the advice, saying that he uses this specific line in his Tinder profile and told his friend to use the same like. What is the line that got Lex’s friend a match on Tinder?

“Just looking for someone to laugh with.”

MrTLexify told his friend to put that line in his dating profile as it seems to have done the trick since Lex was bragging that he helped his friend get a date. That’s the advice MrTLexify gave which seems to work. Lex then finished by saying, “I put that on his Tinder profile and that got him his fu***ng b**ch.

Esports Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Want More Tinder Matches MrTLexify Secret
Image source: twitch.tv/mrtlexify
Hot Seat

After Lex said that, someone in the chatroom by the name of leon_green quickly wrote, “Calling girls b**ches” , in which it sounds like he’s not happy with MrTLexify ‘s choice of words. This could possibly land him in the hot seat if more people view the clip. This is the same situation as the time Destiny said ““If you don’t wanna play with us that’s fine don’t make a fu*king excuse. Did she leave? I hate it when girls do that kind of shit”. Generalizing is also a good way to get yourself in the hot seat.

Professional streamers are human, and tend to blurt out things that are not always correct. However, it’s still inexcusable. Lex finishes off by saying, “So you know what lads, you know what I’m saying is“. Has Lex figured out the golden secret for using Tinder? Is it truly as simple as adding one piece of line in your profile? Only you will be able to tell.

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