Tfue Passes Shroud To Be #2 For Number Of Followers On Twitch [UPDATED]

Tfue Soon To Grab #2 Spot From Shroud For Number of Followers On Twitch
  • Updated: August.29th: Since the last time we reported, it took Tfue an extra month and a few days to finally pass Shroud for #2 spot on the Twitch Leaderboards for the number of followers.

Tfue Passes Shroud To Be #2 on Twitch

Since Ninja’s departure from Twitch, his account holding 14 million users still sits at number 1 on the Twitch leaderboard for most followers. However, people are considering Ninja’s Twitch account to be void, invalid, null, gone, whatever you want to call it. But, it still exists, and despite Ninja not being on Twitch, he still holds the #1 spot. It most likely will never be overtaken unless either the streamers below him do a collaboration with a famous celebrity; much of what happened with Ninja.

Now, the battle for #2 spot on Twitch was going on between Shroud and Tfue. For both streamers, not much was discussed about it, and Shroud didn’t seem bothered that Tfue was catching up to him rather quickly. Given all the controversy with Tfue in the last few months, it’s safe to say that has helped speed things for him in the chase for 2nd spot. Shroud was sitting at #2 for a long time, and much respect to him as he did so with very little controversy, or should we say, no major headlines.

Shroud doesn’t need to make major headlines. He basically makes news every day given his fun, entertaining, awkward, and very much impressive gameplay on his channel. At this point, everyone knows Shroud as a quality gamer, and one of the elite players in the world. He’s able to be good at almost every game he touches, with respect to Fortnite Battle Royale. Despite that, Shroud has organically held #2 like a champ. But, today marks the day that Shroud falls to #3 on The Twitch leaderboards. Now Tfue holds the #2 spot (or like some are saying #1). It’s an accomplishment because followers = streamer success. The more followers you have, the better chances that they are subscribers, and at the end of the day this pays the bills and more.

The new leaderboards are as follows:

Shroud Loses 2nd Spot to Tfue on Twitch
Twitch Metrics

As it stands, Tfue has 6,907,111 followers while Shroud has 6,894,155. There’s a small chance that perhaps the race will continue and now Shroud will be nearing Tfue, but it’s unlikely. To gain that many followers like Tfue did isn’t something that can be done overnight, or to any streamer. Although most of this is fluff to streamers, it’s still interesting to note where viewers are heading to, and it looks like many are heading towards Tfue’s direction. Don’t be surprised if the leaderboards stay stagnant for a long time.

July. 23rd, 2019

Shroud has the number two spot on the Twitch for most followers by a streamer. He’s had this spot for quite a long time. Now, it looks like he will be losing his spot to Tfue, who is roughly 80,000 followers away. Will Shroud lose his spot to Tfue? 

Twitch Leaderboards

The popular streaming platform, Twitch, has been around for quite some time now. It has hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of users on the platform, and there are new streamers drawn to Twitch every single day. Streaming has grown substantially over the years, and this seems like it’s still just the beginning. With the help of popular games like Fortnite, there have been many gamers who have turned to streaming as a career. Some are even good enough to get signed by esports organizations. This is all thanks for Twitch for giving gamers a platform to showcase their skills and passion for video games.

With that said, there’s always the question of “who’s on top”. Given that Twitch probably has millions of streamers, some people might wonder who is sitting in the top 10, or even the top 3. Well, if you’re a streamer, or use Twitch to watch gamers play, you probably already know who the top 3 streamers are currently. But what exactly does it mean to be a top 3 streamer? We’re going by the number of followers a streamer has on their channel. There are many sites that are dedicated to tracking the movement of streamers on Twitch and even YouTube. Currently, the top 3 streamers with the most followers are:

  1. Ninja
  2. Shroud
  3. Tfue

Given that they have millions of followers, they have all been sitting comfortably at the top in the same positions for some time now. Almost everyone who uses Twitch knows these three, and even if someone doesn’t use Twitch, they will still most probably know Ninja, Shroud, and Tfue due to their social footprint. Ninja has been at the top for the longest and has 14 million + users. This is more than Shroud and Tfue combined. Moreover, it’s safe to say that Ninja will be sitting in first place for years to come, and it will take a lot of negative news for him to lose followers. But what about the next two; Shroud and Tfue?

Shroud VS Tfue

Many months ago, Turner Tenney (Tfue) was around 500,000 followers behind Michael Grzesiek (Shroud). It was safe to say that Tfue wasn’t going to pass Shroud any time soon. Or so we thought.

Upon looking deeper at the analytics, Tfue was acquiring followers faster than Shroud has in the past few months, and that continues to hold true today. If we look at the stats, we can compare Shroud’s numbers to Tfue’s numbers. According to TwitchMetrics channel growth, we can see that in the past 30 days, Tfue comes in first place with +224,689 (follower change). That means he gained that many followers in just 30 days.

Tfue TwitchMetrics #1 First Place In Followers Overall
Source: TwitchMetric

In comparison, Shroud sits at #14 with +156,188.

Shroud TwitchMetrics #2 Second Place In Followers Overall
Source: TwitchMetrics

Although Shroud sits at #14, he isn’t loosing too much ground to Tfue, however, how is it possible that this month Tfue is behind him by 80,000 followers? Well, considering the major news of Tfue leaving FaZe Clan, and also suing them on top of it, major media sites have reported on the story and gave mass awareness to Tfue. This is possibly one reason why he was able to close the gap last month. Negative publicity is good publicity to some, and in this case, it might have helped Tfue catch up.


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Tfue Soon To Grab #2 Spot From Shroud For Number of Followers On Twitch

Regardless of what the reasons may be, Tfue is gaining ground on Shroud, and will most likely take the #2 spot for most followers on Twitch. That would make Shroud sit at a comfortable #3 with no competition in sight. Although it’s not much of a shake-up in the top 10, it’s still a major milestone for Tfue considering how long Shroud has held that spot. Now in terms of catching up to Ninja, well, that’s a different story.

For Tfue to catch up tp Ninja on the most Twitch followers list, he will need to do many collaborations like Ninja did, for example, high profile celebrities. Ninja had his major break when he streamed Fortnite with Drake. This is really what got him to propel to the top and stay there with no one else left insight. Ninja was still doing incredibly well before Drake by the way, in case some of you were wondering.

Let see what happens in the new month with the Twitch leaderboards.

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