Tfue Sends Message To Epic Games: “Go F*** Yourself”

Tfue Sends Message To Epic Games Go F Yourself

Tfue isn’t one to hold back when he has something on his mind, and this time he sends a strong message to Epic Games about the new Season 10. Here’s what he had to say.

Season 10 Additions in Fortnite

After one of the biggest esports events this year, Epic Games rolled out with Season 10 for Fortnite. Prior to the release, Epic Games were hinting at bringing some elements from past seasons. And so far players have seen things like the meteor brought back from Season 4 and Dusty Depot. But Epic added a bunch of new content such as new locations on the map, adding items to the vault, loading the battle pass with lots of goodies and adding new challenges like the stop signs challenge and road trip missions.

Everything was looking great for Fortnite, and it seemed like Epic Games hit a home run with their updates. But one addition to Season 10 isn’t sitting very good with players. Fortnite introduced the “BRUTE Mech” which is a large robotic-shaped vehicle for players to go around with. What might be the problem with that you ask? Well, the Brute mech is overpowered, and players are complaining about it.

Tfue Sends Message To Epic Games

It seems that pro players are also complaining about it, and there’s no one else that voices their opinions than Tfue. He says it as it is, and this time hee’s had enough with the BRUTE Mech. In a recent game, he was shooting one of the mechs. It looked like the mech was going to blow it up since it was catching fire, however, the game crashed on Tfue.

Tfue showed his frustrations and banged the table as he was getting up. He then spoke into the mic and said:

“I f***ing hate everything about these f***ing mechs. They can go **** themselves. If Epic Games is watching my stream, go fuck yourself until you take these out of the game because they don’t do anything positive. They are all negative.”

We’re not sure if Epic Games was watching the stream at that moment, but most likely they will hear about Tfue’s reactions. But the question remains, will Epic Games do anything about the overpowered Brute mech? Will they just nerf the mech or will they completely remove it from the game?

Tfue Rage on Epic Games

The idea of the mech is obviously to cause mayhem and be destructive, so that’s something players will need to adapt too, even if you’re Tfue.

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