Tfue Becomes the Second Most-Followed Streamer on Twitch After Ninja

Tfue Second Most-Followed Streamer on Twitch Ninja

Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, online platforms of entertainment like YouTube and Twitch witnessed a sudden surge in their user base. Several new creators made a reputation for themselves during nationwide lockdowns, and prominent ones like Tfue, xQc, Pokimane and Shroud became bigger than ever. Back within the day, Turner “Tfue” Tenney rose to prominence by playing Fortnite. He then quit playing the sport in 2020, claiming that he’s burned out. This wasn’t a huge setback for Tfue’s streaming career because he had already solidified his place together of the foremost entertaining streamers on Twitch. He now plays a good range of games and avoids sticking to one game for too long.

Tfue recently surpassed 10 million followers on Twitch to become the second-most followed streamer on the platform. He was playing Minecraft when it happened and chugged two consecutive beers on stream to celebrate it. It is worth noting that Tfue and Ninja are the sole Twitch streamers to cross 10 million followers. With over 8.9 million followers, even Shroud will need to wait longer to finish this glorious achievement.

Will Tfue return to Fortnite anytime soon?

As aforementioned, Tfue features a long history with Fortnite. Fans still associate him with the sport and consider him to be one among the simplest Fortnite players ever. Regardless, the streamer has been adamant in his decision to not play the sport . He only returns for tournaments like Twitch Rivals: Streamer Bowls, where fans only get a momentary glimpse of his gameplay. Even though Tfue has admitted his love for Fortnite on several occasions, it looks like he has completely moved on from playing it. Naturally, alternatives like Call of Duty: Warzone, and Minecraft are suiting him better.

Tfue’s Rise to Success

His importance extends beyond the web . Tenney decided last year to sue the esports organization that helped develop his audience over what he considered a predatory contract. The move triggered a nationwide reassessment of fair business agreements during a nebulous profession still establishing its best practices. within the years to return , his family’s vision could further help shape the longer term for streamers round the globe by introducing a facility in Florida dedicated to assist content creators build their image, and an audience. Esports and computer game streamer celebrity culture isn’t really new. But it’s been easy to miss for older generations unaccustomed to spending hours on sites like Twitch, YouTube or Mixer, preferring instead to be entertained by Hollywood on TV and at the cinema, or by traditional sports leagues.

As such, Tenney stands as an example of an increasingly stark bifurcation of fame between generations that has arisen with a more siloed media landscape and therefore the ability of digital-first platforms to amplify computer game players. To those less Internet-savvy, his importance within the evolving world of entertainment may be a complete mystery. But to a particular younger audience Tenney’s renown rivals, and sometimes even exceeds, that of the foremost famous celebrities — albeit his trappings don’t mirror those of somebody like LeBron James. “Gamer, esports athlete, social media influencer,” Tenney said in an interview with The Washington Post while sitting on the roof of his childhood home. “There’s numerous different labels that you simply could label yourself as, so I don’t know. I’m just me, dude.”

How Tfue’s Story Began on Twitch

The Tenney family house is situated in Indian Rocks Beach, Fla., a small, mostly bourgeoisie community of a couple of thousand framed by Clearwater to the north, St. Petersburg to the south and Tampa to the east. Perhaps the sole indication that the single-story, beachfront house could be of note is that the constant presence of a sheriff patrol vehicle parked in an adjacent lot — and a 20-foot plastic dolphin, perched during a tree on their property.

Just hours before participating during a Fortnite tournament featuring $187,000 for the winning squad, the world’s most-watched esports player sauntered out bleary-eyed from his house and into the winter sun. wearing a tattered T-shirt, shorts, Gucci flip-flops and championship-sized diamond ring, Tenney leered at his father, Richard, who was standing ahead of a faculty bus spray-painted blue with the white letters of “Fortnite” stenciled on the side.

“Who’s the f—— a—— that scheduled this interview?” he asked his father, straight-faced and monotone. A second passed, then came a smile directed toward his dad/PR agent. The deadpan sarcasm from Tfue is that the first indication of how close the super streamer is together with his family and the way large a task they play in his unorthodox life. Tfue, a reputation Turner picked randomly after checking out an available gamer tag with four letters, was born the third of 4 siblings. His parents separated during his childhood. Asked about his school experience, he laughed, “What experience?”

“I visited secondary school for every week . It sucked. I dipped,” Tfue said. “I never really visited school, technically i used to be home-schooled.” His father, Richard, who was elected city commissioner in Clearwater in his early 20s, said the 1988 school shooting in Winnetka, Ill., where he attended middle and highschool within the 1960s, made him wary about their safety. He also shared that his experience in Florida schools as a toddler was lacking.

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