Tfue gets pickpocketed in Miami Club after getting robbed a day earlier

Tfue got pickpocketed in Miami Club after getting robbed a day earlier
  • Popular Streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney is extremely unlucky these days as he just got pickpocketed. A day earlier he was robbed at the Fortnite X NFL event.

It all started a few days ago when Tfue went to Miami for the Fortnite X Nfl event. This event is a build-up event towards the NFL Super Bowl weekend, and pro players team up with NFL stars and compete in Fortnite for charity. Tfue performed admirably and scored 16 eliminations for his team and they were able to win second place in the event and earn $80,000 for charity. However, after the event, Tfue got robbed. The robbers took his watch and ran away. We still do not have details on it other than what Tfue announced via twitter.

But apparently Miami is not good for Tfue because his phone got stolen last night in a club. According to Tfue’s tweet, someone pickpocketed his phone in the club. Of course, these events coming back to back is just bad luck. But this time we do not believe police will be involved. The first incident was a robbery by force, therefore there will be a police investigation. However, Tfue also announced that he plans to stay in Miami for the time being because the Super Bowl is coming soon.

The good thing is Tfue was unharmed in both of the events. His streamer friends were also shocked at the news of someone pickpocketing his phone so soon after someone stole his watch which is worth thousands of dollars. Tfue also shared the news from his Instagram account most probably from a new phone. Tfue losing a watch and a phone in just a weekend must be very frustrating for him. His fans wrote thousands of messages to Tfue to make sure that he is fine. Well, hopefully, Tfue will not get into another incident before the end of the Super Bowl.


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We won $80,000 for Charity 💙💙💙 and I got a mvp medal 🤷🏼‍♂️

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