Huge Migration To Teamfight Tactics. What Is Happening With Streamers?

Huge Migration To Teamfight Tactics. What Is Happening With Streamers

Since it’s release, Teamfight Tactics has managed to get plenty of attention from famous streamers. TFT is the newest hot title and everyone is trying to stream it. But, TFT has managed to stick in the community, even some streamers are choosing it over their previous games.

TFT and the Auto Chess wave of 2019

This year has been marked by a new phenomenon, similar to the boom of MOBAs or the rising of Battle Royale games, and it’s the so-called Auto Chess genre. Auto Chess is a game made by the developers of Dota, and since history repeats itself, Riot Games did it again and took this idea to make their own take: Teamfight Tactics.

However, in “Riot Games” fashion, TFT made a much higher impact. Part of it was the announcement they made on E3, part of it was because the genre had a few months already to be established in the community, and part of it was because it used trait from their already popular game: League of Legends. Riot Games took advantage of their already wide player base. That’s why TFT became a huge deal in the community.

The Migration of Streamers

A lot of personalities in the streaming community have been vocal about how much they like Teamfight Tactics. Streamer Scarra particularly seems to be carrying the torch, making extremely good guides about the game, and of course funny videos. Some names have being brought back to life, such as Dyrus, Tabzz, Shiphtur, BoxBox.

The thing is a lot of streamers who usually play different games than League are coming to TFT. From Hearthstone, for instance, we have Doug and Disguised Toast, who have both shown true interest in learning everything there is to know about the game, and have already come up with the meme comps such as the infamous Demon Bear.

We also have Pokimane, who organized a streamers TFT tournament recently. People like Reckful, Cirouss and Forsen are playing constantly. And some big LOL names like Yassuo and Trick2G usually play the game. Even Sky Williams made a TFT video. So it is safe to safe Teamfight Tactics is here to stay with all these big names behind it.


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The Toast Case

There’s a lot to talk about Disguised Toast particularly since he has made a full-on switch in his channel. He went from playing Hearthstone to play Teamfight Tactics only, and it has caused a huge impact on the Hearthstone community.

A new expansion is coming to Hearthstone, Saviors of Uldum, and it is customary that big names in the streaming community would reveal cards of the new expansion. Recently, Blizzard sent Toast a card for him to reveal. During the stream he asked his viewers if he should reveal the card, to which a lot of them responded that he shouldn’t since he hasn’t played Hearthstone for over a month (and the non-fans of him were much more aggressive about it). In the end, Toast decided to send back the card and not reveal it himself, which is a huge blow to Blizzard.

I believe that, even if the case of Toast was extreme due to his previous position as one of the top Hearthstone streamers, you can relate what happened to him to an extent to every other TFT player. Toast is bored of Hearthstone and probably not the only one. Hearthstone is a game with a lot of problems for older players, who struggle to stay fresh, much like another game that a lot of TFT players are coming from (League of Legends).

Teamfight Tactics offers something old enough to feel familiar, but new enough to be fresh and entertaining. That is why so many people are coming to play it. Remember, streamers play a lot of hours of the same game, and it needs to be fun for them. If it’s not, then what’s the point of even streaming?

The new Patch and Ranked matches

A lot of bugfixes have been put in place for the new patch released this week, and it includes the highly anticipated ranked TFT matches, which a lot of people have shown serious interest in climbing, like Scarra and Toast. This means that the Beat of TFT is officially over and the game will truly begin.

Apparently, there will be weekly patches so the game may stabilize until no comp feels utterly overpowered. After that, there is a long life predicted in this game’s future. And as long as there is a calmed familiar game who offers something new, players and streamers will always be there.

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