Symfuhny Reacts To Pokimane T-shirt Incident

Symfuhny Reacts To Pokimane T-shirt Incident Stolen Shop
  • Someone screenshotted a t-shirt design that Pokimane had on in her Instagram page and Symfuhny gave his reaction during a recent stream.

Pokimane T-Shirt Design Stolen

In the online world, anything can happen, and a recent incident involving Pokimane shows how bizarre things can get. In a recent Instagram post, Pokimane shared a picture of her newest design; a shirt with an anime of a girl holding a lollipop. The picture of the girl with the blue hair is supposed to be Pokimane. The t-shirt is called “Pokimane Cybernetics Tee” and is selling in her shop for $24.99. On the t-shirt, it’s written “Toronto – Los Angeles – Pokimane”. The shirt is on preorder.

pokimane t-shirt stolen copyright

Things became a little weird when Pokimane caught someone who stole her design trying to sell it on a “do-it-yourself” website for tees. She tweeted the incident showing a picture of the imitation side-by-side her IG photo:

The incident was noticed by man popular streamers, and her tweet garnered over 25k likes and 1l+ retweets. Pokimaine didn’t seem too bothered by it, but rather laughing at the situation that someone would actually not only go to the extent to steal her design but that they took the design literally from her Instagram picture.

Pokimane response to stolen design

Symfuhny Reacts To Pokimane T-shirt Design Being Stolen

Pokimane’s incident was getting reactions around the streaming community, and Symfuhny, who plays for esports organization NRG gave his reaction during a recent stream. As he paused his Fortnite match, he pulled up Pokimane’s tweet to see what was going on. As soon as he saw it, he couldn’t believe that someone would actually take the design from the shirt she was wearing and try to sell it like that. Here’s Symfuhny’s reaction:

As he pulled the tweet in, he showed his chat what was going on. Symfuhny couldn’t believe that someone took the design off of Pokimane’s shirt, and started laughing as he couldn’t believe anyone could sink that low.

“They screenshotted it off the clothing.”

Although these types of things happen every day in every scenario possible, it’s simply how the person stole the image that is baffling everyone. Hopefully, the shop was taken down and that everything was taken care of.

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