Summit1G Not Happy With LSF Rumor Mongering

Summit1G Is Not Happy With LSF Rumor Mongering

Summit1G announced on a recent stream that he will be ending his streaming career sometime down the line. People took it way out of context and thought that the veteran streamer was going to quit Twitch. It turns out that Summit1G was referring to quitting in 10 years or so. He wants to save up and make a video game of his own which has been one of his lifelong passions. The clip was taken way out of context by some people and the entire Twitch community was saddened by the decision made by one of the most iconic streamers of all time.

The clip popped up all over social media and became the talk of the Twitch town for days. He went on stream soon after and talked about his future plans and how he has a bone to pick with LSF. For those who are unaware, it was LSF who took the clip out of context and made it seem like Summit1G wants to quit streaming.

The popular streamer keeps getting notifications and text-to-speech donations from his fans who keep asking him about when he is quitting streaming, or what his future plans are. Recently when someone suggested Summit1G to play new games or even try competing in the new D2 expansion, Summit1G responded saying he wants to beat up someone and got very aggressive. He said he blames the whole incident on LSF but needless to say it is a joke. He made it very clear that things were simply taken out of context by LSF and the community and we know for a fact that he doesn’t actually have ill feelings towards anyone in the community.

Currently, he has been playing Dishonored, which is one of the best action-stealth games of all time. He will eventually be moving on to a different game. Summit1G has been one of the biggest names in the Sea of Thieves community and has a history in gaming with multiple pro stints in FPS games. The FPS game veteran moved on to full-time streaming. He is one of the only players who stuck through Sea of Thieves since the release of the game and it paid off. At one point of time he was not happy with streaming and needed motivation. After moving on to Sea of Thieves and deciding to stick with the game because he found it fun, his viewership grew even more because he genuinely loved playing and streaming.

The clip that was circulated so much was from the start of his stream on November 18 in which he simply said “I’m out”. But he did proceed to stream Dishonored for about 9 hours. He discussed in detail about the ongoing talks about him just quitting streaming. One of the topics he brought up was how he does not understand that people can just quit out of nowhere in a single day. It is a conscious decision that takes time and planning. The entire incident was nothing but drama created by the Twitch community that loves to takes things out of context. But regardless, it was fun for all of us as a lot of fans were in utter disbelief at a potential departure from Twitch by the veteran FPS gamer. Summit1G was simply joking about the whole thing and all is good and well in Twitchland.

Following the recent drama, he did go into detail and talk about what his plans are after he quits streaming. He went on to twitter to say “I’m surprised so many ppl fell for an out of context clip of me quitting streaming. It was a joke, not stopping anytime soon if it’s up to me. Just wanted to clear that up in case ppl come to my twitter worried lol.”

He does not want his fans to worry too much as he will surely let all of us know that is intends to move on to something else in life in the future. He has big ambitions and his desired to invest in a gaming studio and create a game of his own is nothing to scoff at. We would love to try what he has in mind. He has talked about in the in the past but he is not sure if he would ever get a chance to build his own game. He claims that he has burnt a lot of bridges in the past with game devs and a game of his own might be out of the question. Something he has considered seriously is consulting but not anytime soon. He will continue streaming his favorite games and hopefully find something great to pursue in the future. Unlike other streamers whose careers are tied to their pro gaming skillsets, Summit1G is not only a fantastic streamer but also a great personality in the community and his career isn’t going to die out anytime soon.

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