Summit1g Gets Angry In Warzone: “Fix Your F***ing Game Man”

Summit1g Gets Angry In Warzone Fix Your Fing Game Man
  • Popular streamer Summit1g  seems to have had enough of the lack of footsteps in Call of Duty Warzone and criticizes the game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare had some problems and one of these problems in the game was the footsteps. When the game was released, there were a lot of audio issues. One of these was the footsteps. Footsteps was very clear and made players impossible to flank an enemy. Later, this was reviewed by Infinity Ward and the audio cues dropped to more acceptable levels.

However, Call of Duty Warzone is not a multiplayer game on a small map. This is a Battle Royale, therefore, footsteps are really important. Players can sneak up on you from every direction and this can create a problem because you generally do not hear them.

Some of the audio cues are extremely on point. For example, you can hear gunshots from a faraway distance. However, the footsteps at close quarters is extremely hard to hear. This is especially visible in the Gulag. In Gulag, you are in a 1v1 situation and both parties can not hear enemy footsteps at all. Popular streamer Summit1g stated that he is annoyed with the current state of the game. In a recent stream he said:

“I don’t hear that guy until he’s on top of me? Like Jesus, there’s no sound effects going on around, no explosions? It’ is quite as sh*t. And I don’t hear that guy until he’s on top of me? Fix your  game man.”

Summit1g and several other streamers before claimed that the audio in the game is extremely bad. Infinity Ward and Activision did not comment on these and we can be sure that the game developers will take note. This is a Battle Royale game and it is expected to be a flagship for the Call of Duty franchise. However, in this state, we are not expecting the game to become an esports title like some want. Call of Duty Warzone will likely be one of the top games for a few months for sure. But unless the game is fixed we are not expecting a very long lifetime.

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