Streamers Do Real Life Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities

Streamers Do Real Life Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities FantaBobShow

Two French streamers hilariously do real life Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities after each match. Do note, the fatalities are non-lethal.

Who are FantaBobShow?

The FantaBobShow is a French Twitch channel. The show is run by Fanta and Bob Lennon. Originally, Fanta created Minecraft videos back in 2010 and is considered one of the pioneers of the Minecraft in France. His videos consisted of guides,  and basic tutorials for the game. He eventually met Bob Lennon in a Minecraft server and both streamers hit it off.

Fanta and Bob have created many different shows, however, their recent show called Fanta and Bob, the adventurers of minecraft took off as the duo were hired by the website, which translated in English means They’ve gained some success from being on the site and gained a lot of exposure, thus, leaving the site and going on their own. They have a huge Youtube gathering and are working at building their Twitch channel, which is currently at 244k followers.

Mortal Kombat 11 Real Life Fatality

Mortal Kombat 11 Real Life Fatality Fatalities Twitch Stream

Currently, Fanta and Bob have a show on Twitch which is simply called “FantaBobShow”. They have been streaming a variety of games. However, since the release of Mortal Kombat 11, they’ve been streaming the new fighting game non stop. Recently, they put together an entertaining show which incorporated real life fatalities. But the fatalities are done in comedic fashion, meaning non-lethal fatalities. If anything, these fatalities are meant to be painful and annoying.

How does it work? When one of the two hosts lose a match, the other host gets to do a “Fatality” of their choice (which they’ve both put together some home-made fatalities to use against each other). It’s a creative way to keep the audience engaged. Check out the first fatality on the show.

Balloon Fatality

The first fatality went to Bob Lennon, who experienced probably the worst fatality on the show. It was the Balloon Fatality in which Fanta would blow into a balloon to the point of explosion. The only catch was that Bob had to have the balloon near his face. An incredibly painful fatality nonetheless. Watch as Fanta brings down the pain.

As Fanta was blowing into the balloon, Bob was waiting patiently for the balloon to blow. Everyone knows how painful a balloon pop can be, especially near someones face. Well, the fatality backfired as the balloon popped in front of Fanta’s face also, almost deafening him. It was a double fatality that Fanta wasn’t expecting.

Bubbles Fatality

The next fatality is rather a unique one, which happened to be awarded to Fanta once again. This time, Bob had to take bubbles blown directly at his eyes. Watch for yourself below.

Bob had to remove his glasses for this fatality, and Fanta didn’t hold back, using a mini fan to blow the bubbles towards Bob’s eyes. Although this fatality wasn’t as painful as the Balloon one, Fanta managed to get some bubbles in Bob’s eyes.

Rubber String Fatality

The last fatality rivals the balloon one, as no one should ever experience this sort of pain. However, Fanta felt it was a fatality that was needed on the show, and he delivered on the painful promise. Watch Bob take a slingshot of pain to his groin. *Warning! Video can be painful to watch!*

As Fanta was pulling back on the rubber string, he felt the need to stand up and give more of a pull for maximum speed. The ending result was Bob feeling a world of pain. Although the video was unbearable to watch, it was part of the fatality game that Fanta and Bob were playing on their show. There were a few more fatalities that were used, however, we picked the most entertaining ones from  the FantaBobShow.

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