Streamer With The Dirtiest Room On Twitch Finally Cleans His Room

Streamer With The Dirtiest Room On Twitch Finally Cleans His Room

Jaegerrmeister recently got the title for having the dirtiest room on Twitch. He beat out Asmongold who was holding onto the title. However, it didn’t last very long as he had an intervention.

Dirtiest Room on Twitch

Jaegerrmeister is a low-key World of Warcraft streamer that has been making headway in the last week. Typically, streamers make news for highlight reels, or something controversial. However, Jaegerrmeister made the news for something different. He made news for having the dirtiest room on Twitch. The only person that was able to rival him was Asmongold, who was known for having a pretty messy setup. It’s quite odd to make headlines for something like having a dirty room since it’s not really “controversial”. It’s just Jaegerrmeister not being hygienic, in the severe case.

In the past few days, he was making some room, moving his piles of trash around until he stumbled upon some old Kraft dinner in a pot. Viewers were horrified after what they saw in the pot.

Jaegerrmeister’s room broke out in the streaming community and eventually made it’s way to various news outlets. Due to the attention that his room got, Jaegerrmeister knew that something had to be done. That’s when his friends got together to go over to his house and help him clean up the entire mess.

Stream Finally Cleans His Room

With all the attention of the dirtiest room on Twitch, Jaegerrmeister and friends finally did something about. After showing a pot with moldy noodles, expired products and mountains of trash, enough was enough. Equipped with gloves and “grabbers“, bit by bit they moved the trash out of the room. After a while, Jaegerrmeister showed the progress to his viewers.

It was a huge improvement from what his room looked like before. Viewers quickly pointed out that there is “light” now in the room, while others said that he will need to disinfect his floors. Hopefully his room remains clean and that Jaegerrmeister makes the news for other reasons.

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