Streamer Loses Title For Dirtiest Room On Twitch. Shares Disgusting Story To Viewers

Streamer Loses Title For Dirtiest Room On Twitch. Shares Disgusting Story To Viewers

Asmongold held the title for the dirtiest room on Twitch for a long time. However, another streamer has claimed this title. In response, Asmongold shares a disgusting story with his viewers.

Who is Asmongold?

One of the biggest World of Warcraft streamers in the world is Asmongold. He has been making YouTube videos about WoW including guides and opinions about the game. For those who follow him already will be used to the way he conducts his streams. According to the WoW forums, he can come across as obnoxious and controversial. His opinions seem to be split in the middle amongst his viewers which is where the controversy stems from. Whatever he seems to be doing is working, as he has close to one million followers on Twitch.

Streamer Loses Title For Dirtiest Room On Twitch

One of the things that Asmongold was known for was having the dirtiest room on Twitch. He had no shame in how his room looked in front of his viewers, and many followers actually appreciated that he didn’t care what people thought. Here’s a picture of his room:

Asmongold Dirtiest Room On Twitch Video Game Streamer
Source: Reddit

But he just lost that title to someone else by the name of Jaegerrmeister. Although Asmongold isn’t too far from the top spot of dirtiest gaming room on Twitch, he had to take a look at one of Jaegerrmeister’s videos to get confirmation. While viewing the video, Asmongold wanted to share a few disgusting stories with his viewers. If you have a strong stomach, please proceed, otherwise, don’t watch the video or continue reading below!

Asmongold shared a story vomiting on the floor when he was 18 years old, and how he never cleaned the vomit off the floor. He then said years later people would walk on the vomit in his house and eventually the bad smell went away. If this wasn’t gross enough for you, he also mentioned that there are old McDonald fries in his closet which haven’t been cleaned of for years. Although these stories are disgusting, he doesn’t hold the title for dirtiest gaming room on Twitch anymore. We’ll see what Asmongold has in store in the next days to come.

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