Shroud Playing WoW Classic. Might Try for Rank 14


Popular streamer, Shroud, is saying that he might go for a high PVP rank when WoW Classic comes out. Will he attempt to get Rank 14?

World of Warcraft Is Making a Comeback

The World of Warcraft hype is back. Viewership for WoW on Twitch has increased significantly which is due to WoW: Classic being released on August 27, 2019. This came as a shock for most of the players. World of Warcraft passed its primetime around 10 years ago. The game lost a lot of subs along the years simply due to the games age, and MMORPG games were in general not able to acquire new players. The game saw a revitalization with World of Warcraft Vanilla, however, despite Vanilla being successful, WoW eventually conceded to its fate. The user base dropped off and moved onto different games.

World of Warcraft Twitch Viewership
Source: Twitch

One of the more popular streamers on Twitch, Shroud, played WoW: Classic beta recently, and reminisced his old memories playing the game. WoW: Classic is still months away but Shroud hinted that he will play it, and he might even want to go for a Rank.

He stated this after a viewer asked, “Do you think a streamer will get Rank 14? Shroud stated “Absolutely. Streamers are the perfect people to get Rank 14. What else do we do? We play video games. I don’t know if I want to say this. I am going to say it anyway. There is a very good chance that; If my channel does well in the WoW, There is a chance that I will push for a high rank. A high PvP rank.”

What is Rank 14?

Rank 14 was the honor system in vanilla WoW. The honor system was for Player vs. Player. The more you killed the higher you get and being a Rank 14 means the highest Rank. For example, a new player to WoW would start off as a Scout, which is Level 1. Level 10 would mean you have the title as “Champion”. Level 14 is the last level, and most prestigious. At Level 14, you have the title of High Warlord.

  • Level 10 – Champion
  • Level 11 – Leuitenanemt General
  • Level 12 – General
  • Level 13 – Warlord
  • Level 14 – High Warlord

The thing is, it was extremely hard to get Rank 14, as only 0.1% of players were able to achieve this Rank. You cannot rank on the same opponent all the time as well, because of the honor that you get drops as you kill the same enemy over and over again in 24 hours.

Can streamers revive WoW: Classic? Absolutely, how patient will streamers be to stream an MMORPG?

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