Shroud Gives Harsh Review of Battlefield V Firestorm.

Shroud Gives Harsh Review of Battlefield V Firestorm.

With the new Battlefield V battle royale game out, mixed opinions have circulated on Twitch. Dr Disrespect gave a positive review of the game. On the other hand, Shroud wasn’t too kind with his review.

Battlefield V  New Battle Royale Game

Firestorm is the new battle royale game from the Battlefield franchise. It’s not a free-to-play game which caused some disappointment in the gaming community as most BR games are F2P (free to play). But considering that there’s not many in-game purchases you can do in Firestorm, the company behind the game, EA Dice, decided to only make Firestorm available to gamers who owned a copy of BFV. There might be a future update making the game F2P, but it doesn’t seem likely. However, EA did cut the price of BFV down to 50% to bring in new players who are interested in playing Firestorm.

Shroud Gives Harsh Review of Firestorm.

While Shroud was playing Apex Legends, someone asked him what his thoughts were of Battlefield V Firestorm. Shroud gave his opinion of the game before, but at that time he was taking shots at Dr Disrespect comparing the game’s “pace” to something Dr Disrespect would like. This time around, he went into more detail with his analysis of the new battle royale game.

“It runs great. The gun play is Battlefield. If you like Battlefield’s gunplay then you’ll like it.”. So Shroud starts off with the positive, breaking it down by saying the game runs great. He doesn’t give his full opinion on the gunplay of the game, only stating that if gamers like Battlefield’s mechanics, they’ll like Firestorm.

The Cons

Shroud then goes into the cons of the game.

“It seems like they did zero research on how to make a battle royale game.”

That’s as critical as it gets. He continues saying, “their looting’s wrong. Their f***ing inventory system is wrong. Their spectate is… I didn’t even think it was possible to fuck it up that much. I don’t even understand how they f***ed that up. It doesn’t even make any sense.” However, Shroud pulled the hamburger effect, which is essentially starting off with the good, putting the bad in the middle, and finishing with the good. “Graphically it looks great. That’s a pro.” Shroud said.

He continued about the animations of the game, saying they’re pretty good. So although not everything he said was bad, however, the main statement about their lack of research in battle royale games is a punch to the gut.

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