Shroud Burns Dr Disrespect, Doc Responds With Low Blow

Shroud Burns Dr Disrespect

Shroud burns DrDisrespect referencing him as a slower pace player while the Doc responds with a dirty comment of his own.

The release of The Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale mode has been receiving positive reviews from the gaming community. However, the slower pace of the Firestorm is receiving criticism by some key gaming icons. Of course Firestorm brings way more realism compared to Fortnite and Apex Legends, with some liking it and others turning away.

Shroud and DrDisrespect tested out Firestorm for the first time and Shroud took a poke at the Doc. It did not take long for DrDisrepect to fire back at him with a comment that is very close to crossing the line of do and don’t.

Doc Can’t Keep Up

Shroud took the first jab at DrDisrespect over the game’s lack of pace. Shroud mentions, that the speed of the game is much more suitable to DrDisrespect. He stated ” I can definitely see Doc liking this. Cause this is slow and methodical.  He can say he is all about speed, bounce and momentum, But he cannot keep up with it so this is like a very very good pace for him.


Of course, the statement from Shroud, who Doc used to play a lot with in the past, did not take long to get to the Doc. During his own stream, Doc gets wind of what Shroud said about him.

DrDisrespect Not Happy With Shroud

DrDisrespect did not hold back and fired a questionable response: “Talk to his scooter about pacing.”

The comment from Doc can be seen as a border line low blow, referring to Shroud’s scary scooter accident that caused multiple fractures to his left arm. Many streamers go back and forth at each other, but referencing something revolving around injury is a sensitive topic. But the comment come as no surprise as this is Doc’s humor and he won’t change it.


At the conclusion of Doc’s stream, he references Shroud’s comments again and makes it clear he is not happy with Shroud.


The Doc did not end it there. Less then 24 hours later, he tweets out a short video re-enacting Shroud’s scooter accident.

The two have poked jokes at each other in the past as humor is what highlights DrDisrespect’s twitch channel.  It will be interesting to see what the future holds between both of them. Shroud should not have burned Doc in the first place and DrDisrespect should have held back on his low blow.

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