Pokimane rejects massive sponsorship deal

Pokimane rejects massive sponsorship deal

Beloved Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys has recently revealed that she has turned down a whopping $3 million deal despite admitting the fact that she doesn’t have much in her bank account currently.

In a recent Twitch clip, Pokimane and fellow streamer Byron “Reckful” Bernstein revealed the conversation they had before regarding the deal. Reckful revealed that he messaged Pokimane saying, “I have an offer for you. Someone wants to pay you $3 million dollars to do this. Okay? And it’s not even that bad a thing to do.”


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Apparently, Pokimane instantly denied the offer which unsettled the World of Warcraft player. However, he later realized that the aforementioned deal doesn’t make much sense for Anys. Byron also jokingly added that he only had $1300 in his bank account when he was 23 hinting that Pokimane should’ve accepted judging by the amount of money involved here.

Why did Pokimane refuse the deal?

I don’t have $3 million in my bank account and that’s why I’m saying no“, the Canadian streamer revealed. “I’m doing fine in life; like I’m doing well enough to not want to do things for money that I don’t naturally want to do“, she further added. While $3 million is obviously a lucrative amount for the average Joe, our favorite streamer didn’t let money come before her values. The bottom line is that Pokimane humbly rejected the offer because it didn’t suit her whatsoever. The streamer has received multiple offers in the past and she gladly accepted the ones she felt comfortable with. While we aren’t quite sure what this particular offer was about, it’s probably not one by another streaming platform.

Top streamers get sponsorship deals by the dozens. Companies are now well aware of the exposure streamers are getting. This is thanks to their loyal army of subscribers that tune in every single day. This is a massive opportunity to advertise a particular product especially if it’s related to gaming. But streamers can’t hop in at every opportunity they get. Sometimes they have to keep in mind the reaction of their loyal fanbase and whether they will like it or not.

$3 million might be a crazy amount for us, but staying true to your values like Pokimane is undoubtedly priceless.

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