Pokimane Reacts to loltyler1 Video by Lil Bored. “Ok Please Stop”.

Pokimane Reacts to LolTyler01 Video by Lil Bored Twitch YouTube
Image source: instagram.com/pokimanelol

Pokimane was on the receiving end of one of Lil Bored’s infamous videos. It was an edit video on loltyler1 after one of his followers donated for the first time. You need to see her reaction.

Pokimane Reacts to loltyler1 Video by Lil Bored. “Ok Please Stop”.

Pokimane was watching one of Lil Boreds video edits on loltyler1. For those who aren’t familiar with Lil Bored, he edits videos of streamers, adding sounds and effects. Most of the time it’s Lil Bored editing the faces of the streamers to give them a weird look, or altering their voices to make them sound off.

His videos take of rather quickly as they get shared around the streamer community. Many Twitch streamers also view his videos on their channels helping Lil Bored get exposure. He seems to focus a lot of his attention on loltyler1 and GreekGodx, but occasionally features other popular videos.

loltyler1 Video by Lil Bored

The original loltyler1 video by Lil Bored is titled “What to expect from loltyler1 when donating for the first time”. It has surpassed the 1 million mark and proves to be one of his most popular videos. Because of this, the video has been shared around the Twitch community, and Pokimane showed her reaction for the first time watching it during one of her recent streams.

As the video started Pokimane was complimenting the editing work. The simple stop/reply motion, the exaggerated sounds of loltyler1’s hands clapping. But, then loltyler1 started to act crazy, and Pokimane was wondering what was going on as she said, “Ok please stop“. As the video continued, it got to the point of showing GreekGodx on the ground doing some odd movement.

That’s when Pokimane broke out laughing uncontrollably. It seems that Lil Bored continues to achieve what he aims for; joy and laughter for his viewers.

Pokimane Lil Bored Tyler01 Video Clip Twitch
Image source: Pokimane Twitch

For those who aren’t familiar with the streamers in the video might be left a little confused as to what is going on. But with the great edits, it’s hard to keep your composure. Who will Lil Bored do a video of next?

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